Gay Hypnosis | An Exciting Way To Explore Your Sexuality

two men next to each other relaxing on the couch

Much like erotic hypnosis, gay hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to reach certain sexual goals, usually through a video or hypnotherapy session. Many skeptics of gay hypnosis wonder if watching a short video on YouTube can make you gay. The truth is, no, a hypnotist is not able to make you gay men simply … Read more

Sissy Hypnosis | It Works Wonders for Transgender Males

Cropped shot of trans man in trench coat putting on stockings

There are skeptics when it comes to any type of hypnosis, but some swear by its many beneficial results.  Sissy hypnosis is growing in popularity as a category of hypnosis, and many wonder if the effects are actually real. Can a short video really hypnotize a man to imagine they are a woman? Sissy Hypno … Read more

Hypnosis to Forget Your Name | A Parlor Trick or a Real Possibility?

young girl trying to remember something

Can hypnosis make you forget your name?  Is it possible to use hypnosis to deliberately and permanently forget a memory?  Can you control your ability to forget something (i.e. achieve selective amnesia) simply by being put in a hypnotic state? Clients ask questions like these on a regular basis when visiting a hypnotherapist. It’s surprisingly … Read more

Hypnosis for Memory | Can It Help You Memorize Things Better?

a woman with hand on her forehead

Does hypnosis for memory really work?  Is there a connection between hypnosis and memory, or is memory more of a physiological attribute beyond the power of positive suggestion? If using hypnosis for improved memory really can work, to what extent can hypnotherapy help you remember things on a day-to-day basis? Interestingly, one of the most … Read more