How to Stop Passive-Aggressive Behavior | Eliminate It In Yourself & Others

two woman ignoring each other

Passive-aggressive behavior entails a masked indirect expression of anger. Passive aggression is where one expresses anger in a seemingly non-hostile way avoiding open conflicts in every way. This state is mostly seen where one struggles or cannot respond directly to a person to tell them when upset. One may say they are not entirely honest … Read more

How to Stop Oversharing | Don’t Make Other People Uncomfortable By Getting Too Personal

two women sitting in the restaurant

Is oversharing a bad habit? How do you stop oversharing your personal information? Some people think that oversharing information helps to promote healthy relationships. On the contrary, oversharing makes the other person anxious and feel uncomfortable. If you share your personal stories with someone, you cannot take them back. Even if you regret exposing the … Read more

How to Stop Saying UM | Get Rid Of Filler Words and Sounds

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Some words or expressions are so common; we use them in our everyday conversation without thinking. But sometimes, these words or expressions can make us sound unsure of ourselves. One of these is the word “um.” Um, can signal to others that we’re not sure of what we’re saying or haven’t finished speaking yet. It … Read more