Quit Drinking Hypnosis | To Help You Break Your Addiction to Alcohol

Are you tired of the constant craving and desire to drink alcohol? Does it feel like an invisible force is driving you to drink more than you planned? Let’s face it. It’s not fun to be drunk all the time, and we can help! We created a quit drinking hypnosis program to help you stop binge drinking.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state where the mind and body work together, and the conscious mind takes a backseat. Hypnosis won’t make you stop drinking overnight but will gradually help you kick bad habits (see addiction hypnosis).

Hypnosis is far from the magic cure-all some people may think, but it is well-documented that hypnosis helps with your health issues. It can change your behavior in some ways by engaging your unconscious mind. It helps reprogram your mind, which can improve unwanted drinking habits or drug use. But if you are serious about finding a way solve your drinking problem, it may be something to consider.

Better Living With Hypnosis

Better Living With Hypnosis is one of the best evidence-based hypnosis programs available to date that helps people with substance abuse in a sustainable way.

The program is an effective treatment that helps the largest demographics of binge drinkers and alcoholics. It is effective for people who drink daily, those who binge drink from time to time, and those who drink excessively every day of the week.

This comprehensive approach also targets people with alcohol use disorder and can easily be incorporated into an individual’s daily routine. It is recommended to listen every day. The program comes in CD form or MP3.

Better Living With Hypnosis offers hypnotherapy sessions designed to reduce the number of drinks you take and eventually eliminate alcohol consumption over a few months. It puts you in a hypnotic trance when you’re in a relaxed state and engages your subconscious mind during the treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis: What Is It?

Hypnosis is a process where the conscious mind takes a backseat as the hypnotherapist makes suggestions that can change your behavior or habit.

You can induce the hypnotic state in many different ways, but the most popular way is using guided imagery. Guided imagery involves listening carefully to verbal suggestions made by a trained hypnotherapist who helps you imagine yourself achieving your goal.

The visualizations are intended to help you quit drinking or think more clearly about how to stop drinking. Quit drinking hypnosis helps to change your behavior and may lead to complete abstinence. It helps reprogram the mind, which can improve unwanted habits like drinking or substance abuse.

Hypnosis is usually conducted by a hypnotherapist who has mastered his craft and successfully treated many alcohol problems clients. However, self-hypnosis is also possible, although hypnosis works slower than using a qualified hypnotherapist. We will cover the ways to treat alcohol addiction by using hypnosis sessions, and find out whether or not hypnotherapy works.

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Using Hypnosis to Stop Alcohol Addiction

Hypnosis is far from a magic cure-all. It is not likely to make you stop drinking overnight, as it takes time for the hypnotherapist to help change your behavior.

However, this alcohol treatment option can help you think more clearly and make better decisions about stopping drinking. Hypnosis may also give you motivate you to stop drinking because the hypnotherapist also identifies the emotional distress that leads to drinking.

Quit drinking hypnosis may not be for everyone; some people might prefer joining an alcoholics anonymous group or going to alcohol rehab.

Hypnosis is often combined with other cognitive and clinical neuroscience methods like relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, or neuro-linguistic programming.

What to Expect During Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Abuse

Quitting drinking hypnosis usually begins with an assessment to determine what kind of treatment is necessary. The hypnotherapist will look for triggers that cause your alcohol use disorder.

Once the quit drinking hypnosis process begins, the therapist will outline a treatment plan to help you quit drinking or reduce your alcohol intake. You may need only one session to meet your goals.

Or it may take longer if you have struggled with alcohol addiction for many years. The number of sessions varies with each individual. Alcohol use disorders vary from person to person as some may take the occasional social drink while other may be binge drinking on the regular.

How Does Hypnosis Work to Stop Drinking?

Hypnosis research has been conducted for years. However, researchers disagree on its degree of effectiveness, but some scientific research show promise for its use in treating alcohol addiction.

As mentioned above, hypnosis is a trance-like state that involves relaxing the conscious mind and allowing the subconscious to take over. When the conscious mind goes into an altered state, hypnotic suggestions can help you make changes.

One significant change that can happen with hypnosis for alcoholism is that it allows you to focus on the positive. When you drink excessively, your mind is often filled with negative thoughts and feelings. But when you use quit drinking hypnosis to think positively about sobriety, you begin to develop a more beneficial mindset.

You may have less emotional distress, think more clearly, and manage your problems without having to drink.

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Quit Drinking Hypnosis Recordings

Several recording companies market hypnosis sessions specifically for quitting alcohol use. These hypnosis audios are intended to help you focus on positive thoughts about sobriety.

Many of the CDs come with a money-back guarantee, so use them even if you don’t think they are helping you to quit drinking. You may be surprised at how powerful the mind can be.

Quitting drinking is a struggle that never seems to end. But hypnosis is one of the most promising ways to get your life back.

Does Your Brain Go Back to Normal After You Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Scientists have discovered that your brain can go back to normal after quitting alcohol. Scientists believe this about the neurochemistry of addiction:

As long as you are using drugs, your brain will work around it. But when you quit drinking or using drugs (see also hypnosis to stop smoking) even though all the addictive substances are out of your system, your brain still has to recover.

a hand gesture showing no to the bottle of beer

The conscious mind returns to normal, but the brain still has some work to do. Scientists have discovered that this process of recovery can even outlast the physical withdrawal period. If you are trying to quit drinking on your own, hypnosis may be one of the best ways to help your brain get back into balance.

How Do You Force Yourself to Stop Drinking?

Hypnosis can help you stop drinking, but it is not enough to force yourself to quit. When you are addicted to alcohol, your brain is programmed to accept heavy drinking. Thus inducing a trance-like state is the first step in reprogramming your mind so that it will change its attraction to addictive substances.

Even though you may stop drinking on your own for a while, there is always the risk that the addiction will reappear. You can combat this tendency by continuously using quit drinking hypnosis and other forms of therapy, so you do not relapse. If it becomes too challenging to resist alcohol naturally, hypnosis can help you get back on track so you can recover from alcoholism.

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How Long After Quitting Drinking Do You Feel Normal Again?

Therapy and hypnosis help your brain get back to normal quickly after quitting alcohol. This may mean that you do not have to deal with the lasting effects of withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

If you are trying to get over alcohol on your own through self-hypnosis it may take longer than professionally guided hypnotherapy.

It is always a good idea to see a doctor before trying any stop-drinking therapy, including hypnosis. Alcohol use disorders can be very dangerous, but clinical hypnosis can help you take control of your life again. It can help you stop drinking altogether.


Hypnosis is not the only way to quit drinking, but it is one of the most effective methods available. Quit drinking hypnosis can help you get your life back by reprogramming your mind. It will help you cut down on drinking naturally, making you much less likely to relapse. Quit drinking hypnosis can also speed up the process of your brain restoring itself to its pre-addiction state.

This alternative treatment to excessive alcohol consumption is gaining more and more popularity. Alcohol addicts can also try alcohol rehab hypnosis for alcohol craving control.