Stop Blushing Hypnosis | Eliminate the Feelings of Embarrassment

Do you experience facial blushing? And does knowing that you are going to blush make you awfully self-conscious about it?

It is normal for your face to turn pink or red when you are embarrassed or anxious. This is because blood tends to rush to your face when you are anxious. The capillaries in your skin widen, which allows more blood to flow beneath the surface of your skin.

People who experience this also struggle with another problem which is the fear of blushing. They actually deal with three problems, including blushing, fear of blushing, and the fear of someone commenting that they are blushing. People who have anxiety disorders and social phobias tend to blush more than others. But how can you deal with blushing? Is blushing hypnotherapy what you require to deal with the issue?

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Causes of Blushing 

Blushing can be a result of physical conditions such as exercising, taking alcohol, and feeling hot. However, blushing mostly happens due to a distressing, awkward, or embarrassing situation that brings you unwanted attention. It could happen in situations where you believe you should feel embarrassed or ashamed.

How does blushing happen?

An embarrassing or awkward situation triggers your sympathetic nervous system and sets off the fight-or-flight response. The nervous system includes muscles that constrict or dilate your blood vessels. Your face has more capillaries than any other part of your body. Additionally, the blood vessels in your face are closer to the surface and are wider.

If the sympathetic nervous system is triggered, your face and especially your cheeks can turn red due to the enhanced blood flow. Some people blush more than others. This can be caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. People who blush a lot also experience excessive sweating.

Fair-skinned people are also more likely to experience blushing than their dark-skinned counterparts. It could also be due to genes. 

a young woman blushing while shaking hands with her colleague


Facial blushing can be characterized by redness on your face, and your face can feel warm. In some people, blushing could extend to the neck, ears, and chest.

Should you see a doctor due to excessive blushing?

You can consult your doctor if blushing affects the quality of your life or if you are concerned that you are blushing excessively. The best indicator of whether your blushing condition is getting out of control is affecting your quality of life. If you find yourself avoiding social gatherings, school, or work for fear of blushing, then you may require help. Your doctor will help you manage the blushing symptoms and offer you treatment if need be.

Blushing Treatment

What is the treatment for blushing?

If your blushing is a result of psychological distress, your doctor can recommend cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). CBT involves using a therapist. It helps offer you coping tools that can help you shift the way you view experiences and other situations. It can help you to develop a positive attitude towards social situations that can trigger blushing.

The therapist will also help you explore why you consider blushing as an issue. If social situations make you feel uneasy, you can work with your therapist to improve your emotional response to such situations.

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As mentioned earlier, blushing is common with people with social anxiety and social phobias. Thus, your therapist can recommend that you get into the very situations where you are feeling uncomfortable. This will help you overcome the negative feelings. When you deal with the stressful feelings that cause blushing, you may find yourself blushing less.

If you try other treatments and they don’t work, your doctor can prescribe medication. Psychotropic and anti-anxiety medications are some of the options your doctor can prescribe if your blushing is caused by generalized anxiety disorders where hypnosis also helps.

The doctor can also prescribe Beta-blockers. Although the medications are used to manage blood pressure, they can be used to control the dilation of blood vessels in your face, which can help reduce blushing episodes.

Botox injections can also be used to paralyze nerves in your skin which temporarily blocks the ability of your body to blush. In cases of severe blushing, your doctor can recommend surgery. The surgery is known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS).

During this surgery, the doctor will cut the nerve that causes your blood vessels to dilate. This will help reduce blushing as it minimizes the amount of blood on your face that would make your face go red. The surgery is recommended as the last option when all other options haven’t worked as it comes with serious side effects. You should discuss with your doctor the risks involved and the expected side effects.

Self Hypnosis to Deal With Blushing 

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Blushing is not a result of your conscious mind. On the contrary, blushing is caused by your subconscious mind. Does that make you helpless against blushing?

The fact that blushing is a result of the subconscious mind doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to deal with it. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful tools that you can use to deal with your blushing condition.

Hypnosis gets you to a trance state where your body and mind are deeply relaxed. During that state, your hypnotherapist will suggest positive suggestions that you can use to replace the negative thoughts that trigger blushing. Additionally, hypnosis can include physical actions that you can take, such as breathing exercises. The exercises help you to relax, be calm, and be in control.

If you are relaxed, you cannot be stressed or anxious. Thus, you minimize your chances of blushing. Being calm also helps inhibit the fight-or-flight mode that doesn’t happen out of your will. It happens naturally due to the way you are feeling. It makes you feel vulnerable, anxious, nervous, and shy, which increases your chances of blushing. We have a full guide to hypnosis for shyness.

Feeling shy and nervous is due to your beliefs and how you look at the world. Hypnotherapy helps you shift your subconscious mind’s negative thoughts and replace them with new, confident, and positive thoughts.

Hypnotherapy works to boost your self-esteem so that you can feel confident and relaxed even in situations that would cause you to blush. A hypnotherapist will help to build your assertiveness so that you don’t feel anxious or vulnerable. As such, your body will not need to protect you from social threats which cause you to blush.

Tips to Stop Blushing 

The key to stopping blushing is to relax. You can use the following tips to relax:

  • Train yourself to smile even when you are embarrassed or stressed.
  • Practice taking slow and deep breaths that will help you reduce the amount of stress you are undergoing
  • Take a lot of water to ensure you are hydrated. You can also consider taking a cold drink before facing a stressful situation
  • Try to come to peace with blushing. Admitting that you are prone to blushing can help you get prepared for it. Avoid worrying or showing others that you worry about your blushing issue
  • You can close your eyes for a little while and pretend that the people who are making you blush don’t exist

Final Thoughts 

It is normal to blush if you are feeling stressed, vulnerable or stressed. People who blush fear blushing, and they also fear someone else commenting about the blushing. Hypnotherapy helps you deal with blushing by replacing the negative thoughts in your subconscious mind with positive ones.