Subliminal Hypnotism | Can it Be Use to Better Yourself In Multiple Areas?

digital illustration of two persons practicing subliminal messaging

The idea of subliminal messaging was first brought up in the New Jersey movie theatre during the summer season of 1957. Subliminal messages mainly target individuals on the consuming end. Subliminal messaging is linked to the conspiracy, primarily seen in the political world. In general, It’s connected to the dark art of persuasion which advertisers, … Read more

Self-hypnosis is Generally Regarded as a Safe Practice | Does Science Confirm This?

A woman with earphones and closed eyes

Yes, self-hypnosis is generally regarded as a safe practice. But because this psychological treatment has been portrayed in movies as some kind of magic trick, many misconceptions and myths were born and continue to confuse (or even scare) people who might be inagterested in self-hypnosis. This post explains the science behind hypnosis and the benefits … Read more

Is Hypnosis Safe? | Get Professional Hypnotherapy or Try to Do it Yourself?

Hypnotized man lying down on the couch

Sometimes it may seem almost impossible to rid oneself of a bad habit such as smoking or managing negative thinking, sadness, or hopelessness. This is where hypnosis can offer a viable alternative to traditional therapy, such as drugs. People who are considering using hypnotherapy legitimately ask whether it is safe before pursuing sessions with experts … Read more