Hypnosis for Love | Can You Make Someone Fall in Love With You?

Can you hypnotize someone into falling in love with you? Can hypnosis be used to attract, seduce and ultimately build a lifelong relationship with your dream partner? Is it possible to tap into the subconscious of someone else and change the way they feel about you?

Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, the answer is no – you can’t. It’s a common misconception that hypnosis has the power to change the way people feel about someone else. You cannot use hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious of someone and make them fall in love with you.

Nor can you use the power of the mind’ to attract a potential partner and build a healthy relationship. On the other hand, hypnosis does help deal with heartbreak, when you just want to get over someone and need to take back control of your emotions and life.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that finding love with the help of hypnosis isn’t possible. In fact, hypnotherapy (or even self-hypnosis) could help you learn how to change your outlook in such a way as to find love in no time at all.

Why Hypnosis Works For Love and Relationships

Cliché as it may sound, there is really only one person standing in the way if you and the relationship of your dreams:


True, some people will say they’ve made all the right moves with every person they’ve ever dated and worked hard on their relationships. Only to subsequently come out heartbroken – see ‘Hypnosis to Stop Thinking About Someone‘ – and with nothing to show for their efforts.

But what’s true in all such instances is that those concerned clearly haven’t been choosing the right romantic partners. So, where relationships fail in life, it’s because they were never right, to begin with.

Hypnotherapy works for love and relationships as it is all about changing yourself. Unfortunately, working on changing other people and making unviable relationships better is almost always a waste of time. Things might get better for a few days, months, or even years, but deep down, you know it’s not quite right.

With hypnosis, you learn how to choose romantic partners and relationships more strategically. Not out of desperation, but on the basis of things that make a relationship work. This way, the next one could indeed be ‘the one – or at least not the one that got away.

How To Attract Love and Enjoy Healthy Relationships

It’s often said that in order to attract love, you need to learn to love yourself. No truer words were ever spoken cliché as they may be.

Learning how to relax and free yourself of negative thoughts isn’t easy. Nor is tapping into your subconscious to make positive changes to your mindset and behaviors. Nevertheless, these are all things that can be achieved with hypnosis (see also how hypnosis stems happiness).

Different types of hypnotherapy achieve different results for different people, but they can all work equally well.

Outside your actual hypnosis (or self-hypnosis) sessions, there’s much that can be done to make good progress over time. Of the many options available to improve your love life and build more fulfilling relationships, nothing works better than the following:

1. Let Go Of Past Relationships

Easier said than done, but essential nonetheless. Letting go of past relationships really is the first step on the journey towards true love. However, under no circumstances should you allow your past relationships to change who you are, how you feel, or your self-worth. It is not your past that defines you, but your future.

Hanging on to past relationships and refusing to let go makes it impossible for new relationships to succeed. So irrespective of how imperfect or unpleasant your romantic history has been, it needs to be written off as something of no relevance to your current situation.

2. Visualise Your Ideal Relationship and Partner

This is where ‘good enough’ should never be allowed to take the place of what you really want. It’s often said that visualizing positive things is the best way of making positive things happen (see also hypnosis for positivity). If you can change the way you think about your future relationships, you’re far more likely to get more out of them.

silhouette of a man and a woman at a table with glasses in hands

The more unlucky in love a person is, the more likely they are to settle for second best. You may do instinctively to listen to your subconscious, telling you your next relationship will be just as bad.

With hypnosis and meditation, you can train yourself to visualize your ideal relationship and set your sights on just that. Even if it seems crazy at the time to set your standards higher than you normally would, it can help ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.

3. Focus on Self Worth and Importance

Some people naturally put themselves first, addressing their own priorities before those of anyone else. Elsewhere, others feel their own desires are less important than those of other people. The problem is that unless you prioritize your own self-worth and importance, you’ll find it difficult (or impossible) to attract love.

This is something that begins with listening to your inner voice and seeing what it says about you. If it’s dominated by negative thoughts or sentiments, you need to work on this before looking for love.

Of course, it’s not as easy as simply flipping a switch and instantly falling in love with yourself. It’s something you need to work on over the course of time, though it may benefit significantly from hypnotherapy.

4. Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs will only ever stand in your way of finding love. However, if you’re determined to find the right person and build a happy relationship, you need to believe it is going to happen.

positive mindset concept with words framed in tablet display

Given the fact that you’re reading this right now, it can be assumed you’ve not had a particularly great relationship history. In which case, you can choose to base what happens next on your past, or you can convince yourself that the future will be better.

Again, easier said than done. But there is simply no way of instilling positive life changes without believing they can happen. If you convince yourself it is impossible to find your perfect partner; it will prove the case. On the other hand, if you choose a more positive mindset and genuinely believe it’s only a matter of time, love will come your way when the time is right.

Attract Love with Self Hypnosis: Confidence and Self-Esteem

For the vast majority of those who consider themselves unlucky in love, the root of the issue lies in low confidence, and self-esteem (see also shyness hypnosis).

They focus so much time and effort attempting to please others that they forget to please themselves.

In doing so, their self-worth takes a nose-dive, and the cycle continues.

This is precisely why hypnosis and self-hypnosis can be so effective for attracting love.

Confidence and attractiveness go hand in hand – hypnosis can be a powerful tool for building self-esteem.

Here’s how:

a young man listening self-hypnosis audio

1. It helps you let go of what isn’t helpful

Through hypnosis, you can find ways to keep unproductive habits and negative thought patterns out of your life entirely. If it isn’t good for you or contributing to your goals, hypnotherapy can make it much easier to get rid of it and move on.

2. It helps you come to terms with your fears

Hypnotherapy is not about blocking out or forgetting painful things from your past. Instead, it’s about ensuring you learn from every experience, build the confidence to face your fears, and acknowledge them for what they are – an invaluable opportunity to grow and evolve.

3. It helps you get to grips with your insecurities

One of the main challenges in attracting love for many people is their own hang-ups and insecurities. Though what most fail to realize is that insecurities do not simply disappear into the ether with time. If anything, they get steadily worse – unless they are acknowledged and addressed proactively.

young woman looking at herself in the mirror

In a Nutshell…

Although the concept of turning to hypnosis to attract love may seem strange on the surface, it’s actually quite logical and straightforward.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are all about getting to grips with your subconscious and changing the way you feel about yourself. At which point, it becomes much easier to understand your feelings for other people and set the groundwork for a life-long relationship.