Why Can’t I Be Hypnotized? | Learn How to Get Hypnosis to Work for You!

“I wish I could be hypnotized, but it’s never worked for me. Why is that?” Well, there are a few reasons why someone can’t get into deep hypnosis, and it usually has to do with the person themselves. 

If you’re not open-minded enough to want to go under, then nothing’s going to work out here because of your lack of cooperation or excitement about what might happen during this time period.

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What Do You Need for Hypnosis To Work?


Belief is the most powerful thing you can have. Without belief, there’s nothing left in your life to hold on to. Hypnosis would work regardless of whether or not someone believes it will, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for doing so without expert supervision and training beforehand.

Just because a needle still hurts when put through one hand with no belief does not make them invincible if given another chance by sticking through their other palm with all faith behind its actions while under hypnosis. If you don’t think it can happen, your brain will not allow the process to occur, so it won’t.

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It’s not a secret that some people struggle to believe in hypnosis. They take great pride in this and feel like they have achieved something when their mind stops the process from working as planned. This is often due to fear – these individuals are unknowingly scared of being taken out of control, which is an unreasonable thought. With hypnosis, you gain more power over your thoughts instead. Hypnotism does NOT put you to sleep; it wakes up all those sleepy parts within us to tap into the better.


Without the power of imagination, hypnosis will never work. Imagination is the language of instinct, and without its powers, our subconscious would be in danger. Daydreaming may seem like a waste to some, but it’s actually crucial for maintaining mental health. It also helps us deal with difficult situations when we need an escape from reality or want something different than what we have right now that might not feel so great.

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For instance, many people find it difficult or even impossible to “picture themselves in a new environment because their memories are so vivid and real that they cannot distinguish what is imagined from what is remembered.” This type of person will need some imagination exercises before trying out hypnotherapy for any length of time.


To convince yourself that hypnosis is going to work, the first thing you must do is believe in its power. Your mind will reject your idea if it believes there’s any chance of failure, so be sure not to have a shred of doubt about this process.

Conviction means being completely confident and unshakable by what could go wrong because nothing bad can happen when the hypnotized put their trust into something they really want or need (check out hypnosis for confidence).

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Does Hypnosis Work For Everyone?

Hypnosis can help create a relaxed state of mind and makes you more open to suggestions. Contrary to popular belief, this is not achieved by taking control away from the person but rather making them feel as though they are in complete control at all times during the hypnotic process.

Hypnosis does work for some people; however, it doesn’t always affect everyone who undergoes hypnotherapy treatment.

What Makes Someone More Susceptible to Hypnosis?

People seem to have an enhanced ability for self-hypnosis and are good at dissociating themselves from the outside world. People with a gene that makes it difficult for them to connect socially might be better hypnotists because they can more easily escape reality into their own inner worlds.

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People have a knack for becoming absorbed in their own internal world and may be more susceptible to other forms of distortion, such as those found under hypnosis.

People with a high attention span can concentrate on the task at hand without becoming distracted. However, those who have specific habits and an analytical nature will struggle. This is one of the more mysterious medical treatments because it can help people in many ways. However, depending on the client, there are also downsides associated with them that should be discussed before deciding whether or not this treatment would work for you personally.

Self Hypnosis

Since people believe that hypnotists have special powers, they falsely think a person can be forced into hypnosis. But the truth is no one has any power over someone else, and only you yourself can enter the state of hypnosis when guided by another person properly. You cannot force it on anyone, but if both parties are willing to go there, then anything’s possible.

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It’s like when you tell your friend how great the movie was and then ask them if their favorite actor/actress ever did anything good recently. They will say yes even though they never saw the film simply because there was no way for them not to agree with one of your opinions.

Not everyone understands the purpose of a hypnotist and what they can do for you. Some people go to a professional, expecting them to solve everything with just one session or say all the right things, but it doesn’t work that way.

You need access only to your mind for any changes made to be effective, and if someone else is doing most of this work, then there’s no point. It’s important not to expect too much from professionals. Without proper cooperation on your part, nothing will happen, which means both parties have an equal responsibility- so don’t forget yours.

Get To Know How Hypnosis Feels

Many people make the mistake of thinking that hypnosis feels like a dream. But it’s not, and what you see in movies is typically exaggerated for dramatic effect. Think about when your friend falls asleep on their phone or while watching TV- they start to drool and slump over with knotted hair hanging down onto their face so far it is touching the floor? Being hypnotized doesn’t feel anything like this at all; rather than feeling sleepy or tired, most experience feelings including euphoria, calmness, tranquility – sometimes even giddiness.

One thing is for sure; hypnosis looks different depending on the individual. Some people feel completely unaffected, and others experience a dramatic change in their body’s behavior.

Hypnosis is a strange phenomenon. Some people can go into hypnosis, while others will never be able to do it no matter how hard they try. It’s not really understood why some can enter the hypnotic state and others cannot. One theory states that those who have experienced trauma in their early life may find it difficult or impossible due to an overwhelming sense of fear which inhibits them from accessing this state even if all external sources like noise are eliminated during the session.

Why Can’t I Be Hypnotized: Here’s Why

Understandably, people who find it hard to enter hypnosis often resist because they’re scared of the power and control a hypnotist has over them. However, in reality,  you will regain more control by entering into this trance-like state than someone else would have if you didn’t allow yourself to be hypnotized.

What if I told you that all it takes to enter a hypnotic state is simply following an order? Police officers and soldiers are often the easiest people to hypnotize because they’re so used to taking orders. It’s like telling someone “sleep” when they react in action, but this time instead of physically drooping down, your body does it mentally!

Often, we don’t even know what kind of power we possess until somebody else tells us how great our abilities can be. It is also important to note that the default-mode network of the brain is used when one’s brain is idle; The executive-control network, which is involved in making decisions; and The salience network, which makes it possible to decide something else.

closeup of a woman with closed eyes

People often assume that if they stop hearing the therapist, then they must have fallen asleep. However, this is not always a sign of sleepiness; people can hear their hypnotherapist throughout the session and still be hypnotized. If someone falls asleep at some point during therapy sessions but wakes up when asked to open their eyes by suggestions from the clinician – there’s no chance they could’ve been in deep sleep because it would take longer than just an hour for one person to fall into such a state.

Final Thoughts

You have never tried hypnosis-you are just assuming that you can’t be hypnotized. If this is the case, then watch out for people who say “try” in a sentence…in other words, don’t listen to them because they failed at something. It does not mean that you will!