Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis | Deal With Your Compulsive Need to Masturbate Excessively

Do you feel like your addiction to masturbating is getting the best of you? Has it taken over your life and become a problem? You’re not alone. Masturbation addiction is a serious problem and one that you can’t solve overnight.

Fortunately, just as with any addiction hypnosis, masturbation addiction hypnosis can help! In this article, we’ll explore masturbation addiction hypnosis, how it works, and how to get started. Gain back control of your life with these tips for overcoming masturbation addiction through hypnotherapy!

What Is Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis?

Masturbation addiction hypnosis is a specialized form of hypnotherapy for those who have a masturbation addiction. Masturbation addiction hypnosis is designed to help people addicted to masturbation recognize their addiction and start them on the path towards overcoming it.

By learning about the root causes of their addiction and how it negatively affects them, people come closer and closer to shedding this unhealthy habit.

Hypnotherapy sessions often result in free access to subconscious thoughts and mental images related to the person’s deep-seated psychological problems. The process becomes less invasive as it progresses because participants gradually discover for themselves what haunts them (see also self-hypnosis for health).

Masturbation hypnosis sessions offer complete anonymity, so participants can explore their deepest compulsions without feeling judged.

Hypnosis Downloads 

The truth is, masturbation isn’t a stress reliever or a solution to self-esteem. When you have to leave what you’re doing to go masturbate then that’s an issue.

Hypnosis Downloads is a practical audio program to overcome masturbation addiction. Qualified hypnotherapists, experts, and psychologists have created an audio session to treat masturbation addiction. The hypnotic session aids in reducing the desire to masturbate regularly.

The hypnosis download program is available for immediate downloading. So stop struggling and start living again. After purchase, you will have access to the free app, where you can listen to hypnosis audios from your computer or smartphone.

You can always contact the company’s support staff or visit their page if you any encounter problems.

Why Consider Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis?

People who ask for masturbation addiction hypnosis do so because of an inability to stop masturbating or cut down on it. Hypnosis is an effective treatment because it helps reprogram your mind with positive thoughts about stopping masturbation. 

It’s a safe and natural way to overcome addiction and has helped thousands of people. Hypnosis focuses on solving masturbation addiction issues affecting an individual such as:

  • Embarrassment and shame
  • Being discovered masturbating by your boss, spouse, or friend may cause great shame and damage your personal and professional relationships.

  • Expectations about sex that are not practical
  • Exposing yourself to model-like bodies that promise sex whenever and wherever you want will give you unrealistic expectations. This makes anything that isn’t a porn star appear uninteresting and unattractive to you.

  • Restoring efficiency and control of time
  • As a porn addict, spending hours upon hours each day viewing pornography and accessing porn chat rooms is likely.

    As a result, hypnosis aids you in turning off porn and refocusing your attention on the important things in life.

  • Loss of intimacy
  • Your partner may feel more emotionally connected after using hypnosis, which might give you a new perspective on sexual intimacy that isn’t based on pornography.

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    Can Hypnosis Help Cure Masturbation Addiction?

    Yes! Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for helping with sexual addiction.

    Studies and data have found hypnotherapy can provide significant improvement to eliminate porn addiction and significantly reduce other types of sex addictions, such as masturbation.

    Hypnotherapy does not magically “cure” or “erase” porn addictions or other types of sexual addiction: it changes the behavior to a healthy one via the subconscious mind – see if hypnosis works in our earlier thorough post.

    Suppose someone is addicted to watching pornography excessively but never attends counseling sessions or seeks out other counseling methods. In that case, they will continue watching pornography until they decide to attempt to stop.

    Hypnotherapy can give you peace of mind. You will have the tools to stay away from masturbating outside of therapy. This way, if you do slip up, you can do things to get back on track.

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    Hypnotherapy Treatment Options for Masturbation Addiction

    Pornography addiction hypnotherapy is a normal but different way to explore desires and treat addictions. It is done in 3 steps.

    Step 1 – Inception: The introduction to the patient’s unconscious through visualizations and breathing techniques. 

    Step 2 – Exploration: Recognize any damages caused by porn use by going through an exploration exercise that includes identifying triggers present when watching porn or positive emotions that arise during the experience. 

    Step 3 – Healing: This is where a therapist addresses disturbing memories from past abuse with healing suggestions. They provide various solutions for dealing with addictive tendencies in their life.

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    Once the memories of past abuse are healed, addicts can move on to tackling their addictions. They will know what steps need to take place for sobriety from here onward.

    How Masturbation Affects the Brain

    The mind effect depends on the frequency and intensity of this behavior and an individual’s ability to cope with sex addiction. Excessive masturbation might leave you physically exhausted. As a result, attention is hampered and the mind is harmed. It has other negative effects on health and might cause some confusion.

    Abnormally long periods of masturbation will eventually affect your daily activities and your general physical health. The following are more possible effects of chronic masturbation if this becomes addictive behavior:

    • Prostate gland swelling or dysfunction 
    • Urinary incontinence (inability to control urination)
    • Erectile dysfunction (loss/lack of erection)
    • Gonorrhea or other STDs
    • Allergic reactions can show up as low libido or delayed ejaculation. 

    How To Overcome Masturbation Addiction

    It takes time to develop the ability to stop masturbating. You’ll have to fight desires and habits you’ve developed over time. However, it is possible to stop masturbation addiction. You’ll have to go through several actions and techniques. The following are the strategies you can use.

    Honesty Is the Best Policy

    Masturbation is typically associated with a negative attitude. To avoid feeling bad about yourself, go to your therapist and talk about any guilt after you masturbate. To conquer your emotions, you two must get to the source of things.

    Put Away the Pornographic Videos

    Overcoming pornography may be challenging because of the powerful stimulation it provides. Avoid being exposed to pornography. This means discarding all media, including movies, periodicals, and books.

    Reduce Your Time Spent Alone

    People who are attempting to alter their masturbation habits may find it challenging to cope with idleness. Use a public venue for things that you would typically do alone. Go to a sports bar or a pub or try to do some engaging activities.

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    Seek the Help of a Therapist

    Speak with your doctor when you’re ready to quit masturbation altogether. They may be able to connect you with a sexual health counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist in your area.

    Find a Group of Like-Minded Individuals

    Anyone who will agree to change an unruly behavior needs accountability. Additionally, it might assist you in acquiring new habits and ways of thinking.

    There are support groups accessible for those who are struggling with obsessive sexual activity. 


    Masturbation addiction is a serious problem that affects many people. If you are one of them, hopefully, this blog post has given you some insight on what to do about it. There’s no shame in attempting to find a solution for your condition. Hypnosis can be an effective treatment for porn addiction because it allows users to control their thoughts without visual aids like pornography or other cues.

    If you’re ready to take charge of your life, try starting masturbation addiction hypnosis.