Hypnosis For Technology Frustration | Get Help Before You Freak Out

Tech frustration refers to a situation where your PC, mobile device, etc., cannot function as they should. For instance, you may have difficulties downloading files or a program can freeze when you need it most. This makes you feel out of control, and you can become easily irritable.

According to a study by American Universities, 45% of employees’ time is lost due to malfunctions of the devices. This can include delayed downloads, forgetting passwords, and other computer problems that cause frustrations.

How do you deal with the frustrations when your devices cannot work properly? Can hypnosis for technology frustrations help you deal with the frustrations and is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnosis Downloads For Tech Frustration

Is tech frustration affecting your productivity or that of your workers? Probably, you are looking for the most effective solution to help you deal with the challenge. Hypnosis for technology frustrations is one of the most effective methods you can use (see how to learn to hypnotize someone, too).

Hypnosis Downloads offers you various audio sessions to guide you on dealing with various issues. The Overcome Technology Frustration audio session is an excellent resource for self-hypnosis to help you with your frustration. It helps put you in a deeply relaxed state where you can feed your subconscious with positive suggestions. The audio helps you to calm down and deal with the tech’s frustrations.

When you are in a deeply relaxed state, your mind is ready to:

  • Accept new technology and embrace it with a more positive mindset
  • Make more space for the frustrations that you’ll face
  • Accept help to deal with the frustrations
  • Spend less time feeling angry over technology issues
  • Have more patience to adjust and adapt to new changes

Using the free app, you can listen to the audio session on your computer, phone, or mobile device.

What Are Two Ways That Tech Can Be Frustrating?

Tech frustrations can affect your activities, including your work. One tech incident can see you losing several minutes that can affect your productivity. Some of the ways that tech can be frustrating

Dropped or Slow Connections

Nothing can be more frustrating than when trying to connect to the internet, but it takes forever to do so. You can find yourself banging the keyboard or shouting at the machine to move faster. The frustrations can get into the nerves of even the best of us.

The connections can lead to slow downloads, or you may have issues logging into your online accounts. You can try restarting the computer or checking your internet connections to deal with such problems.

Forgotten Password

Have you ever forgotten your password when you need it most? For instance, when you want to access your bank.

Forgetting your passwords can be one of the most frustrating experiences with technology.

a woman trying to solve the problem with her laptop

Other tech frustrations that you can experience include the battery dying fast, pop ads when surfing the internet, a printer that won’t work, software updates, etc.

Why Do Most People Suffer From Tech Frustration?

People experience frustrations and anger when using computers for various reasons. The reasons can be psychological or computer factors.

Most people experience issues with their computer or laptop due to lack of enough memory, computer viruses or malware, and other software issues.

Other factors include difficulty accessing features, operating system crashes, web browsing issues, programs, and website crashes.

The problems cause frustrations among users due to tight timelines, failure to get a task done, and poor work progress.

On the other hand, psychological factors result from interruptions of social norms, including plans and expectations. If the computer or laptop fails to function in the wake of fast-approaching deadlines, the users can feel betrayed by the computer.

The frustrations can make one feel victimized or helpless as they may not understand why they cannot complete a task or meet a deadline.

Examples of Life Frustrations

Besides technology frustrations, this life of full of many other frustrations that cause stress. The problem is that stress affects not only your emotional or psychological health but also your physical health. 

So, what are some of the frustrations in life that you should let go of?

When You Don’t Get the Credit That You Deserve

When you work hard for a task, you should receive credit for it. It becomes frustrating if you don’t receive your due credit. It becomes even worse when somebody else receives all the credit for a task that you did.

To avoid such frustrations, you should try to find more satisfaction in whatever you achieve. Stop expecting approval from other people.

The Cooking Disaster 

Have you ever tried to prepare the best dish to impress someone, and then it backfires? When that happens, don’t let the frustrations get the best of you. You can order some food from the home delivery stores or takeouts.

Somebody Lied to You

Few things in this world hurt as much as a betrayal. If somebody you trust lies to you, the frustration can get the better of you.

Instead of hurting the person or revenging against the person, it will be best to forgive and let the lie go.

a frustrated woman with mobile phone in her hand

Hypnosis Help To Deal With Technology Frustration

Technology frustrations are a common feeling that can make technology users feel helpless. Technology becomes frustrating as it is always changing, and it is never perfect in performance. Plus, there isn’t much you can do about the changes. Since technology plays such a large part in our daily life, it is best to find ways of dealing with the frustrations.

So how does hypnosis work to help deal with technology frustrations and make our lives better?

Hypnosis is a process that gets you in a deeply relaxed state. When in a trance-like state, you can bypass your conscious faculty and concentrate on the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious mind is ready to receive more positive ideas to replace the negative, frustrating thoughts.

Additionally, hypnosis will help you do away with tech habits that make you frustrated.

Hypnotherapy helps you to come up with ways of dealing with technology frustrations that can include:

hypnotherapist and his patient

Doing More Research

Doing more research helps you realize that your technology frustrations are because you don’t know much about the technology. Understanding how the technology works will help you minimize your frustrations and anxiety.

For instance, do you understand the type of security the company uses? If you know how it works, you’ll use it the right way, thereby reducing frustrations.

Plan for Setbacks

It can be annoying when you are struggling to meet a deadline or complete a project, and some tech challenges stop you. The challenges can include a frozen program, program update, etc.

As you plan your work for the day, ensure you set some time for setbacks. 

Tech Support

As mentioned earlier, most frustrations come from the lack of knowledge in dealing with various technological issues. You don’t have to worry a lot as there is a lot of help online to help you deal with the issues. You can get a reliable website that will offer you the support to deal with the technological problems frustrating you.

Support key on the keyboard


Technological items are supposed to make our lives easier. They help to make difficult tasks simpler and faster. However, the items are not perfect and don’t always behave as you want them to. Some of the technical issues that can frustrate you include pop-up ads, software updates, frozen programs, etc. When the technological items misbehave, it is possible to feel frustrated.

You may find yourself banging the keyboard or shouting at the machine. If you want to deal with the issue, hypnosis is an excellent option. Hypnosis helps you do away with all the negative thoughts of frustrations and replace them with new positive suggestions. Thus, you are more prepared to deal with any tech frustration. It offers you an open mindset to accept new changes and has space for any frustrations.