Healing Hypnosis | A Technique to Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

Even with all the information available and the most extensive studies ever to take place, the field of hypnosis is still something of a mystery. No responsible hypnotist or physician would ever claim to know all there is to know about hypnotherapy. Even those routinely using hypnosis as part of their practice readily admit there’s more to learn about the whole thing than we already know.

But what we do know about hypnosis is the way in which it has remarkable healing potential for the body and mind. Even when viewed from a strictly scientific or medical perspective, hypnosis is a technique with potentially remarkable health benefits (see also health hypnosis guide).

It can be used to combat any number of problems, help people find peace, and train a person to completely alter their state of mind.

Anecdotal Evidence

For the most part, the potential power and effectiveness of healing hypnosis are documented purely by way of anecdotal evidence. This is primarily due to the fact that different people respond to hypnosis differently from others. Some experience remarkable results with a single session of hypnosis; others see many different outcomes over a longer period of time.

Still, the fact that some have literally undergone major surgery with nothing but hypnosis to numb their body speaks volumes for its potential. It’s the classic case of mind over matter, though in a context on a much higher level than most people know they are capable of.

What Exactly is Healing Hypnosis?

The term ‘healing hypnosis’ is actually quite ambiguous. Healing is something that means something different from one person to the next, in accordance with the problem they are facing and the goal they hope to achieve.

For some, healing hypnosis’ could be entirely about combating stress through positive inner thoughts.  For others, it could be about pursuing a positive change to get better sleep and enjoy a better quality of life.

In all instances, using hypnosis as a technique to boost health and wellbeing is a surprisingly popular approach. As for how it works, you first need to know what hypnosis is all about before you can successfully use it to improve your health.

When a person enters into a hypnotic trance, they access an incredibly deep and powerful part of the mind that is normally inaccessible. This is something that can happen under the watch of a professional hypnotist, or you can learn to enter a hypnotic state yourself using videos, books, downloaded audios for self-hypnosis, and so on.

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Using Hypnosis to Heal Body and Mind

However you go about it, the goal is to access the area of your mind that in normal life has a huge influence over many aspects of your health. The voice in your head that tells you what you can and cannot do, the stress and anxiety you cannot normally switch off, the compulsion to do things you know aren’t good for your body – the power of the subconscious really is extraordinary.

But this is also the part of the mind that can enable a person to take control over the physical sensations they feel. The central nervous system may be physical in nature, but it is ultimately your brain that tells you if and when you are feeling pain.

Through healing hypnosis, people are often able to reprogram or redirect these thoughts in order to completely transform the way pain is interpreted by the body and brain.

Can Healing Hypnosis Really Eliminate Pain and Discomfort?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that healing hypnosis can be exponentially more powerful than most people understand. It may be a controversial and unusual approach, but the evidence speaks for itself.

Countless medical procedures have been performed over the years on patients in a hypnotic trance. They have chosen to use hypnosis rather than take the usual anesthetizing agents to undergo surgery through their own choice.

Of course, this is a fairly extreme example; most would be unwilling to try for themselves. But the same technique and principle have nonetheless been used by thousands to numb the pain of things like dental work, giving birth, and all kinds of minor medical procedures.

Not to mention dealing with all sorts of everyday aches, pains, and problems with discomfort.

The Body’s Self Healing Process

The human body is designed to heal itself and is capable of handling most minor problems without professional intervention. The problem is that while the body may be able to heal itself, the interim can be filled with pain and discomfort for the person in question.

This is where many have found hypnosis to work exponentially better than any comparable treatments they have tried out. With healing hypnosis, the objective is to encourage the body to heal faster and more efficiently by directing the subconscious mind in a more conscious manner.

For example, a minor to moderate burn resulting from an everyday accident in the kitchen could result in severe pain. With the power of healing hypnosis, the person affected could train their mind to shift focus away from the subsequent pain and discomfort. This would immediately put less stress and strain on their system, enabling the body to address and heal the wound more efficiently.

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Pain, discomfort, stress, worry, and anxiety only ever stand to make any health problem worse than it already is. Not to mention, increase the time it takes for the body to address the issues and heal itself.

Healing Hypnosis for Faster Physical Healing

Remarkably, there’s even a school of thought which suggests healing hypnosis can have a positive impact on the capacity of the body to repair itself faster through strategic energy channeling.

This particular theory suggests that it is possible to direct the subconscious mind to focus more energy on a specific system in the body, in accordance with any given problem at the time. More energy is focused on repairing and healing the issue in question by effectively telling the body exactly what it needs to do.

Of course, there’s no specific medical or scientific backing for theories such as these. Nor has any research to date suggested hypnosis alone is able to speed up the physical healing of any body part.

Still, millions of people are turning to hypnosis as an alternative to conventional treatment options and prescription pharmaceuticals. Particularly when it comes to pain management, there’s much evidence to support the potential power of healing hypnosis.

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Is Healing Hypnosis a Viable Treatment Method?

If you are reading this right now, it can be assumed you are interested in using hypnosis to improve your health or address a specific issue. In which case, there is one important thing you need to do before progressing any further:

Consult with an appropriate medical professional.

Experimenting with new therapies and different approaches to treatment is always tempting if and when the conventional approach has proved ineffective. Likewise, many people like to avoid treatments based on drugs and conventional therapies entirely for their own reasons.

Healing hypnosis holds potential for helping patients pursue positive change when dealing with numerous problems. Nevertheless, it is essential to first consult with a qualified physician if planning on using healing hypnosis for anything important.