Self-hypnosis is Generally Regarded as a Safe Practice | Does Science Confirm This?

A woman with earphones and closed eyes

Yes, self-hypnosis is generally regarded as a safe practice. But because this psychological treatment has been portrayed in movies as some kind of magic trick, many misconceptions and myths were born and continue to confuse (or even scare) people who might be interested in self-hypnosis. This post explains the science behind hypnosis and the benefits … Read more

Hypnosis for Depression | An Effective Method to Improve Your Mental Health

depressed woman lying in the bed

Hypnosis for depression could be your way to better mental health. Depression can be caused by some problems in your personal and professional life.  Hypnosis or hypnotherapy helps you to stop the negative thoughts and emotions that drag you down. Many people have tried to eliminate symptoms of depression using medication, and exercise. There is … Read more