Hypnosis for Happiness | A Proven Way To Live a More Pleasant Life

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The concept of happiness is elusive and difficult to define for one important reason: Being happy is something that means entirely different things to different people. It’s difficult to encounter a person who does not want to improve their quality of life and celebrate each and every day, feeling better than they do today. But … Read more

Hypnosis for Cancer | Can It Help and In Which Way?

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It’s no secret that hypnosis is an effective treatment option for many of life’s challenges. Indeed, it can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, help people stop smoking, and so much more. But what about far scarier, like cancer? That’s exactly what you’re going to discover in this article. Can hypnosis really help with cancer … Read more

Hypnosis for Study | Improve Your Focus, Concentration and Learn Easier

a girl taking notes in front of her laptop

Everyone learns differently. Some people enjoy reading blocks of texts, others memorize topics after just learning about them, but those who find it hard to stick to efficient studying habits or have difficulties focusing on the subject may find hypnosis for study an option worthy of exploring. Hypnosis may have a lot of misconceptions with … Read more

Hypnosis for Running | To Overcome Physical and Mental Challenges

a young woman with earphones in her ears running

Many people practice hypnosis for running mindfully as a way to improve performance. Other runners are not aware they’re even doing it. Ask any runner how they feel about running competitively or training long distances, and you’ll notice a pattern with their answers with phrases like: being in a trance-like state rhythmical deep breathing increase … Read more