Hypnosis for Memory | Can It Help You Memorize Things Better?

a woman with hand on her forehead

Does hypnosis for memory really work?  Is there a connection between hypnosis and memory, or is memory more of a physiological attribute beyond the power of positive suggestion? If using hypnosis for improved memory really can work, to what extent can hypnotherapy help you remember things on a day-to-day basis? Interestingly, one of the most … Read more

Stage Hypnosis | How Does a Stage Show Compare With a Hypnotherapy Session?

woman spreading her arms on the stage

Stage hypnosis is hypnosis conducted in front of an audience for entertainment, typically in a theatre or bar. The hypnotist’s job is to put on a show the viewers will enjoy. Stage hypnosis is usually more of a comedic display than a showcase of persuasion abilities. Stage hypnotists perform preliminary suggestion tests to carefully look … Read more

How To Hypnotize Someone | Guide To Inducing a State of Focused Concentration, Increased Suggestibility, and Vivid Fantasies

a man hypnotizing a woman

Have you ever wanted to try out hypnosis but don’t know where to begin? Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis isn’t swinging a pendulum in front of a subject while repeating words. Hypnosis is an authentic practice used as a therapeutic aid, despite many myths and misconceptions. Hypnotherapy has been found to provide medical and therapeutic … Read more

Sports Hypnotism | To Achieve Being in the Zone in Body, Mind, and Spirit

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A bright and active imagination can foster success in your academics, work, and other aspects of life. In the same way, a bright and positive image in sports can facilitate progress. One of the most common psychological characteristics of the best athletes globally is that they are intelligent. They engage their brain, their creative aspect … Read more