Hypnosis for Psoriasis | To Help With This Dreaded Skin Condition

Does the discomfort and itching of Psoriasis keep you awake at night? Have you tried all medication there is, and nothing seems to work? Are you on the verge of giving up? We understand the struggles, and we are here with an alternative treatment; hypnosis for Psoriasis.

Psoriasis causes itching but can also result in severe symptoms such as skin cracking and bleeding. The unpleasant skin condition can complicate your life, but you can take control through hypnosis.

So, what is hypnosis for Psoriasis, and how can it cure Psoriasis? Read through this article and learn more.

Hypnosis Downloads

Psoriasis can isolate one from their social life. The humiliation patients feel when they expose their bodies can result in severe mental disorders. Some patients even avoid intimate relations and live lonely lives. 

Luckily, hypnosis or self-hypnotherapy can help deal with anxiety and change negative emotions with self-power.

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It gets even better since patients can perform self-hypnosis without the help of a therapist. How? Through Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis Downloads bring hypnosis benefits to you. You get to listen to sessions and practice anytime, anywhere in your comfort. The downloads are also perfect if you love privacy. Once you download the audio, you can listen to them at your ideal private place.

Hypnosis Downloads are also pocket-friendly. Visits to a therapist can be costly. So, no need to spend your money or relapse due to missed sessions; download the audios and save significantly. 

What Is Hypnosis for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that impacts the skin cells to multiply almost ten times than normal. In other words, the skin cells take 3-4 days to accelerate than the normal 28-30 days. As a result, skin the blood vessels expand, and the cells accumulate on the surface, causing bumpy red patches filled with white scales. 

Researchers are doing extensive studies to understand Psoriasis, its causes, and its cure fully. But, the information available indicates that before Psoriasis occurs, there must be a trigger

Such triggers include infections, injuries, and stress. It is believed that stress and Psoriasis are intertwined. 

For instance, stress can make Psoriasis worse. When stressed, one is likely to skip psoriasis treatment or do away with it altogether. On the other hand, Psoriasis can result in anxiety and stress.

Hypnosis for Psoriasis uses the subconscious mind to change the demeaning belief about oneself and deal with events that may have caused stress. 

What Is the Fastest Treatment for Psoriasis?

As mentioned earlier, Psoriasis has no cure yet, but some treatments reduce inflammation to make you feel better. Your doctor may prescribe topical, phototherapy, or systematic treatments according to how severe your condition is. 

Topical treatments for Psoriasis are over-the-counter medicine prescribed to patients with mild Psoriasis. They are the first medicine your doctor will likely recommend. When rubbed on the skin together with a good moisturizer, they may reduce the itching and discomfort within a few days or weeks.

If you still feel uncomfortable after applying topical creams, foam, or ointments, your doctor may opt for phototherapy treatment. During the treatment, the affected skin is directly subjected to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Remember, the sun rays have been used since the memorial to treat skin conditions.

Phototherapy treatment uses artificial(invisible to the human eye) and natural light to slow down skin cell production. Although each session may take a few minutes, it may take several months to manage the symptoms fully. 

Systematic treatment is the next option doctors may recommend if tropical and phototherapy fail.

Systematic works throughout the body and entails oral intake of tablets and capsules or injections. These medications have severe side effects and can only be sold with a prescription. 

Phototherapy and systematic treatments take time before the inflammation is relieved. Sometimes it can even take several months. So, it’s better to seek alternative treatments such as psychological therapies. Psychological therapies provoke mind-body connections and result in skin healing. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one such treatment. After a few sessions, patients usually record significantly greater improvement.

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Can Psoriasis Be Cured Permanently?

Psoriasis is a chronic and autoimmune problem that causes the skin cells to grow very fast. It is a condition where the immune system fights against the body. In this regard, the condition cannot be cured permanently or go away on its own. Although available medicines offer effective treatment, they do not cure Psoriasis permanently. 

Can Psoriasis Be Psychological?

As mentioned earlier, emotional stress, to a large extent, triggers psoriasis flares. How? Stress triggers a network of signals between stress hormone(endocrine) and the nervous, immune system. In the long run, the inflammatory skin process is triggered, resulting in itchiness and redness.

So, to stop Psoriasis, think of stress reduction practices that will help you deal with past traumas, loss, divorce, among other stressful events. When your general health is in good shape, you become conscious of behaviour that hinders you from conquering Psoriasis. 

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Mind-Body Psoriasis Treatments

Hypnosis is the therapeutic approach that has been used to cure a variety of skin conditions such as plaque-type psoriasis, chronic eczema, or atopic dermatitis. Hypnosis is the profound state of relaxation that increases attention, concentration and helps one to become open to change. 

The methods through which hypnosis improves skin disease are unknown. But, the methods are thought to act by regulating blood flow and other autonomic functions that are not generally under conscious control.

Several studies aimed at evaluating the results of hypnosis as a treatment modality have been conducted. One of the studies that employed hypnotic sensory imaging techniques showed that 75% of the psoriasis patients improved.  

Hypnosis use of sensory imaging and sunbathing saw a great improvement in a case of 20 years of severe Psoriasis. The hypnoanalytic technique also proved to be successful after it cured 20 years of severe Psoriasis.

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After these testimonies, the results of a small pilot study of eleven randomized, single-blind persons with plaque psoriasis emerged. During the research, five highly or moderately hypnotizable subjects received hypnosis with active suggestions of improvement. The rest(6 patients) received neutral hypnosis that never mentioned their disease process. Immediately after the pilot study, all the psoriasis patients were subjected to active suggestion hypnosis for three months. 

The results indicated a significant improvement in Psoriasis in highly hypnotizable subjects than moderately hypnotizable subjects free from a treatment group assignment. The study had a limited number of subjects, but the outcome indicated that hypnosis on highly hypnotizable subjects is a useful therapeutic modality that can cure Psoriasis. Further testing is needed on a larger patient population to have a conclusive case report. 

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Psoriasis Problem?

The effectiveness of any cure is based on targeting the root cause. Luckily, getting to the root cause of stress, the main psoriasis trigger, can be the ultimate relief. Hypnosis is best known for dealing with anxiety, but there must be a mind-body connection for it to work.

Hypnosis is proposed based on the psoriasis severity and if the triggers are a result of emotional distress. The treatment is based on a mental model that incorporates both conscious and subconscious minds and is completely safe. Both minds collaborate to create a problem and solve it. 

While the conscious mind only focuses on what it is paying attention to at any given time, the subconscious, on the other hand, the conscious mind constantly absorbs, analyzes, and stores information. 

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Patients with Psoriasis sometimes believe the condition is part of them, and their skins will never clear. The mistaken belief gets stuck in their subconscious minds resulting in sleep issues and anxiety. 

A therapist takes the patient through relaxation, positive hypnotic suggestions, and guided imagery from the first session. As a result, the therapist changes the beliefs, habits, and behaviour that cause anxiety. Therefore, the use of hypnosis treatment helps patients with Psoriasis cope with stressful situations. They reduce stress triggers and inflammation significantly and improve immune response

Similarly, patients can perform stress reduction practices in the comfort of their homes through self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is a self-induced relaxation that helps focus on inner power and deal with troubling issues. But, they must follow their therapist’s advice for a favourable outcome.

Patients are advised to continue with doctor prescriptions as they practice hypnosis for better results. Doctors record a significant drop in drug reliance when patients use both medical and psychological treatment methods. 

The Bottom Line

As we wait for a cure to be invented, patients with Psoriasis can live better lives. To do so, they must deal with triggers such as stressful situations. But, getting to our subconscious minds on our own can be difficult. For this reason, choosing hypnosis therapy would be the ideal step they need to take. 

So, do not let Psoriasis limit you from enjoying life, take control today by taking hypnosis sessions. You will deal with Psoriasis and chronic diseases like blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and others.