Hypnosis for Tinnitus | To Help With Hissing or Buzzing Sounds in One or Both Ears

a woman holding a hand over her ear

Do you experience hissing, buzzing, or other distressing sounds in one or both ears? The sounds can range from low-level background noise to more advanced levels. These sounds can inhibit different everyday normal sounds around you. If you experience these symptoms, you are likely to have a condition known as tinnitus. Experiencing constant ringing in … Read more

Hypnosis for Health | Discover the Benefits for Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

a young woman in the sun surrounded by nature

How effective is hypnosis for health? Is there any science behind hypnosis? For over 100 years, psychologists and psychotherapists have used hypnosis as part of a bigger treatment plan alongside cognitive behavioral therapy. According to those who practice it, hypnosis can get below the conscious mind into the subconscious (the part where decisions are made). … Read more

Hypnosis For Weight Loss | An Effective Method When Paired With a Healthy Diet Plan

an overweight woman sitting on yoga mat

Losing weight is often a challenging feat; everyone can attest to that. Many factors come into play regarding weight loss, such as a healthy diet and exercise, genetics, obesity, and people with health issues. A good example is people with medical conditions such as diabetes; losing weight may be rather difficult due to unstable blood … Read more

Hypnosis for Running | To Overcome Physical and Mental Challenges

a young woman with earphones in her ears running

Many people practice hypnosis for running mindfully as a way to improve performance. Other runners are not aware they’re even doing it. Ask any runner how they feel about running competitively or training long distances, and you’ll notice a pattern with their answers with phrases like: being in a trance-like state rhythmical deep breathing increase … Read more