Erotic Hypnosis | Is Your Sex Life a Bit Stale? Spice It Up!

Many may question whether or not people are able to reach an orgasm hands-free, simply through the voice of a hypnotist from a video. We are here to tell you that erotic hypnosis is real, and some can achieve the most intense orgasms in this state of mind. With sex typically being physical play and sensations, erotic hypnosis brings about a large number of skeptics.

Contrary to popular belief, sex and orgasms are stimulated by the pleasure sensations in our brain rather than the body. Erotic hypnosis may seem like a questionable practice, but some people swear by this hands-free method of sexual arousal. 

What Exactly is Erotic Hypnosis?

When people think of hypnosis, they think of mind control through a soothing voice, swirly patterns on a screen, or a hypnotist that can snap you in and out of a trance state. Erotic hypnosis is somewhat a similar process, but the main goal is sexual pleasure, usually without the use of touch.

Typically, it involves a hypnotist guiding the user into a trance state, not to be confused with making someone fall asleep, to reach some sort of sexual goal.

The session can range from gay hypnosis, BDSM play, sissy hypnosis, to simply a relaxed state of mind. In this hypnotized state, a partner can suggest certain sexual behaviors or actions and even talk a person into a hands-free orgasm.

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How it Works

Agree on the terms– Since hypnosis involves being in a hypnotic or altered trance, it is important to first discuss the details and make sure the process is consensual. Not only does consent ensure a safe and agreeable hypnosis process, but it also helps to build trust and compliance. Hypnosis may not work the first few times, but sometimes it also just requires the right state of mind. Agreeing on the terms helps you completely relax and lay the groundwork for successful hypnosis.  

Hypnotic Induction– This step is where the hypnotist or partner puts the other person into the hypnotic state. There are many different types of erotic induction practices that can help to enhance the sexual experience. If you are trying erotic Hypno with a partner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the induction and perform it with confidence. This ensures that your partner will be more likely to submit to the induction and enter a deep state of mind. There are many videos you could watch in order to perform a successful induction.

There are also ways to enhance the trance state of the subject by using fractionation. This method brings the person in and out of the trance for a moment, which could deepen the relaxed state.

Implant suggestions: At this point during the session, the hypnotist or partner can talk to your subconscious mind and suggest commands. The session does not always involve sex or reaching an orgasm but generally does revolve around pleasure. For some people, erotic hypnotism allows for increased relaxation that can make an orgasm more likely.

For others, erotic hypnotism can be kinky and exciting to explore. Allowing a hypnotist or partner to hypnotize and tell you what to do adds an element of submissiveness and control. Similar to how BDSM can be erotic due to physical force, erotic hypnotism allows another person to have control through verbal commands.

While erotic hypnotism does not mean you will do everything they ask, it does make someone more open to certain suggestions, in this case, sexually. In this part of the session, the subject may keep their eyes closed, but they can remember the commands given during this time. This could allow you to command your partner to orgasm or other sexual goals.

Bring the person out of trance-In this state, the hypnotist or partner will guide you out of the trance state. Since Hypno will allow you to remember the implanted suggestions, the hypnotist or partner has the power to play with the post-hypnotic suggestions. The sexual goal is completely up to the partners, as erotic hypnosis can be incredibly different for everybody. While some people are drawn to the claim of hands-free orgasms from online videos, erotic hypnosis can enhance unique sensations or triggers that the person enjoys.

After finishing the Hypno session, it is important to discuss or even question what just happened. This way, the hypnosis can be improved to your liking, and you can bring up a new idea to try.

Is There Such Thing as Erotic Hypnosis?

Absolutely. It is completely normal to struggle with hypnosis, but it is definitely something you can practice. Hypnosis, especially erotic hypnosis, can be extremely vulnerable. However, after letting yourself go and trusting in the process, with erotic hypnosis, anything can happen.

Erotic hypnosis can be so sexy since it involves mental domination. For some, submission can be a huge turn-on. There are so many different types of erotic hypnosis play that you can explore to enhance the link between you and a partner or if you just feel like spicing up your sex life.

What Can Erotic Hypnosis Do?

Erotic hypnosis is not just about reaching orgasm through voice or hypnotism. There are countless other ways that erotic Hypno can enhance your sex life and open the door to new sensations you may like. Some examples of what erotic hypnosis can do include:

  • Increased excitement for sexual sensations.
  • Can give enhanced pleasure or sexual arousal.
  • Addition of sensation play- temperature stimulation, vibrations, on pricks.
  • Amnesia- allows for limitless roleplay suggestions.
  • Paralysis on command- creates hypnotic bondage simply using voice commands.
  • Animal role play- lowered inhibition allows for greater imagination and roleplay ideas.
  • Intelligence play- mainly for submissive and power roles to increase stimulation.
  • Induce hands-free orgasm- through voice control; you can make your partner feel heightened sexual arousal without any physical touching.
  • Increased relaxation to help feel greater sexual fantasy.
  • Explore a kink or fetish.

How You Can Engage in Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis does not only have to be between a licensed hypnotist and yourself. There are many different ways to practice erotic hypnotism between partners and by yourself. The most common ways are through audio files, video conference, phone calls, text, videos, and in person.

If you do not feel comfortable doing it with a hypnotist, you can find erotic hypnosis groups online to find play partners to try it out with. You can also learn different erotic hypnotism methods to try out different things your partner may like.

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Can You Really Hypnotize a Person?

While some people say otherwise, hypnosis is absolutely real. Through hypnosis, a person can enter a trance state, which almost everyone has experienced. For example, have you ever zoned out driving and don’t remember certain periods of time? Being in a trance state through hypnotism is a similar process.

It happens naturally through increased relaxation, but in terms of erotic hypnotism, it is brought on through audio or video.

Your Brain During Hypnosis

Some skeptics will say hypnosis is like magic and not something that is real, but through the study of the brain, hypnosis is proven to be real. The act of hypnotism leads a person to act according to what the hypnotist says through reaching the subconscious mind. They are able to reach this pliable state of mind by guiding the subject towards a calmer state.

Our brains typically run at a beta state, but through hypnosis, our brains can relax to a more related delta, alpha, or theta state where the subconscious lies. In this deeply relaxed state, the subject has lowered inhibition and may become more suggestible and receptive to new ideas and sensations.

This is due to increased activity in the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, which allows for the explorative subconscious to take over. As a result, critical reasoning and boundaries are lowered, allowing an open door to sexual exploration.

Not only does hypnosis allow for increased sexual stimulation and exploration, but it can also cause vivid hallucinations, uncovering suppressed memories, and much more. This biological effect of hypnosis leaves subjects in a perfect state of consciousness for increased pleasure and stimulation.

Can Hypnosis Triggers Wear Off?

Hypnosis triggers can definitely wear off over time, as you are not able to keep someone in a trance state forever. The trance state or Hypno session can range anywhere from 20 minutes to hours long. The session can depend on what it is used for and what the subject may like. Since erotic hypnotism can be used for a range of sexual goals, including foreplay and reaching an orgasm, the duration of the session can differ drastically.

Hypnosis triggers will also likely wear off if the subject shifts their interest. Therefore, it is important to figure out what a subject likes through trial and discussion in order to have a more successful session.

Is Hypnotizing Someone Illegal?

Hypnosis is legal in all 50 states in the United States; however, it is important to check what each state says about hypnosis. Each state may have different laws regarding hypnosis.

As always, consent is the most important aspect of hypnotism since it is like a version of mind control. Especially with erotic hypnosis, it is crucial to do everything consensually since it involves sexual goals and sensations. While the hypnotized person may not agree to everything you say, it does make them more suggestible.

Should I Try Erotic Hypnosis?

If you feel that your sex life is a bit stale or are into submissive and dominant roles, erotic hypnosis is something you may want to explore. Unlike BDSM, it involves less physical control and can still increase sexual stimulation and sensations. In addition, erotic hypnosis is completely safe, and you may find yourself exploring and bringing out a whole new side of yourself.