Subliminal Hypnotism | Can it Be Use to Better Yourself In Multiple Areas?

The idea of subliminal messaging was first brought up in the New Jersey movie theatre during the summer season of 1957.

Subliminal messages mainly target individuals on the consuming end.

Subliminal messaging is linked to the conspiracy, primarily seen in the political world. In general, It’s connected to the dark art of persuasion which advertisers, brand ambassadors, product promoters, and politicians use to manipulate our perception and the way we behave.

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The question we always ask ourselves is, does it work? And if yes, how does it work and can it be used to our advantage.

Since the emergence of subliminal hypnotism in the 1950s, scientists have researched subliminal hypnosis to explore more about it. The knowledge sought is resourceful, and you can use it to improve the quality of your life.

What is Subliminal Hypnotism?

Subliminal is a psychological term meaning below the threshold of consciousness; it affects individuals’ minds without their knowledge. Therefore, subliminal hypnotism/messages are signals lower than the absolute threshold level (ATL) of an individual’s conscious awareness.

It is impossible to notice or discover subliminal stimuli within our conscious awareness. This is because the subliminal signal, an external stimulus, is below the absolute threshold; the absolute threshold is the lowest sensory, visual, and auditory stimulation an individual can detect. Below this threshold, the individual can not detect external stimuli.

Subliminal messaging is aimed at changing or modifying the way an individual responds to an induced action. It results from a communication technique designed to bring about a response that would otherwise have not been done ordinarily. We perceive and respond to subliminal messages unconsciously, without being aware.

It’s good to distinguish subliminal hypnotism from supraliminal hypnotism, as the two are confusing. Supraliminal hypnotism works in an opposite manner to how subliminal hypnotism works. Supraliminal stimuli can be noticed by the conscious mind but work best when we don’t discover them.

Categories of Subliminal Messages

There are two groups of subliminal messages. These are visual subliminal messages and auditory subliminal messages.

Visual Subliminal Messages

Visual subliminal messages are symbols, pictures, or words that show up as external stimuli and affect your brain’s perception in your subconscious awareness. The visual stimuli flashed for a few milliseconds can only be noticed in a subconscious state. The conscious mind interprets the visual stimuli after the subconscious mind has already absorbed the stimuli.

Visual subliminal messages are further divided into two categories; subvisual and embeds.

  • Subvisual visual subliminal messages signals are flashed very fast such that the viewers can’t perceive or see them well. They usually take only a few milliseconds on the show source. An example is seen in James Vicary’s experiment. He flashed adverts reading “Thirsty? Drink Coca Cola” and “Hungry? Eat Popcorn” during his presentation. The flash speed was so high that the majority of the audience couldn’t notice them.
  • Embeds subliminal messages are static images instilled in a uniform visual environment but invisible to our natural sight. They are primarily used in print advertisements.
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Auditory Subliminal Messages

Auditory subliminal messages are audio messages played at a speed and higher frequency such that your subconscious mind perceives the signals and responds to them. The conscious mind can’t detect these signals.

Auditory subliminal messages exist in two forms; subaudible and backmasking subliminal cues.

  • Subaudible messages are low-volume messages put into loud audio tracks so that when played, you can’t hear them.
  • A backmasking subliminal message is a video message documented backward to camouflage the original message when played forward. An example is in pop music ‘The Beatles’ backmasked song titled “Number 9.” This word, “number nine,” was repeated several times in the track, and when played backward, it means ‘Turn me on, dead man.’
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How does Subliminal Hypnosis Impact our Habits?

Do subliminal messages influence our behavior? Let’s find out how and why.

Several theories try to explain how subliminal messages and hypnosis affect our conduct. One theory suggests that subliminal hypnosis can help speed up semantic network activation.

The semantic network has concepts that correlate to each other. These concepts are found within a network of interconnected nodes of concepts. And it is these concepts that determine how the brain perceives signals and layout the information as a response.

We tend to respond within a shorter period to exposed stimuli due to higher confidence in our decisions. Additionally, the way we behave depends on coincident events. This suggests that better neuron interrelation can develop or improve our behavior.

Digital Illustration of Human Active Neurons

How Subliminal Hypnosis Works

The mind composes of two interrelated systems: the conscious and the subconscious systems. The conscious mind controls the realistic activities or feelings in our mind. It helps us to feel, judge, think, and experience while being aware.

The subconscious mind is the system of the mind that influences one’s feelings and actions without them being aware. The subconscious mind is more efficient in processing information than the conscious mind.

Subliminal messages are detected and processed by the subconscious mind. They trigger response reactions to external stimuli without our awareness.

The subliminal sensory stimuli have 37 sensory inputs in auditory, visual, tactile (touch), gustatory (smell), olfactory (taste), vestibular (balance and movement), and proprioception (body awareness). Among all the sensory inputs, the visual category is responsible for our perception. The subliminal messages target visual and auditory senses.

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How Subliminal Hypnosis Programs Work

There are several customized subliminal hypnosis programs aimed at improving the quality of life. The English service program helps the subconscious mind receive subliminal messages, which help remove negative beliefs and connect your mind’s eye with the healing powers you possess. The healing process of subliminal hypnosis is natural and effective. All you have to do is sit back and relax; the subliminal hypnosis will trigger the subconscious mind to do all that it takes to heal. Remember to pick a reading pace that suits you.

You can control your mind to focus on a desired healing need. Psychic healing can improve the quality of your life.

How to Use Subliminal Hypnosis Programs to Improve the Quality of Your Life Effectively

Listen to One Subliminal at a Time

You can choose to listen to numerous subliminal every day as you wish. The number of subliminal you listen to depends on the goals you want to achieve. Listening to a single subliminal can deliver great results faster because you have enough time to understand the content well. Your subconscious mind will absorb the endorsement more quickly when using a single subliminal than when using multiple at one go.

However, you can listen to multiple subliminal subsequently without harming yourself. Avoid listening to multiple Subliminals concurrently.

Listening to several Subliminals at ago may solve several problems at once, from anxiety and depression to addictive behaviors. They help to reprogram your subconscious mind within a shorter time to ensure you achieve your goals faster.

Let go of your Limiting Beliefs

You can put much effort into subliminal hypnosis but fail to get results. Sometimes, you may only achieve your desires only to go back to your initial state, or even worse, after just a few days. The underlying problem might be you still hold on to the beliefs currently embedded in your subconscious mind settings. If you desire lasting change, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

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Listen to Multiple Subliminals on the same Topic

Listening to several Subliminals with different assertion settings on the same topic produces a better result faster.

You can listen to the subliminal with different backgrounds to avoid getting bored. Background having nature sound provides a better option.

Check the Subliminals in Advance if you Want to do Other Chores

You can listen to your subliminal while doing other activities, but you need to be careful, especially if it has binaural beats having Delta or Theta waves.

Don’t listen to the subliminal when working with equipment that needs your full attention; you may get hurt or cause damage.

Is Subliminal Hypnosis Brainwashing Me?

As seen in various experiments, subliminal hypnosis can help modify our neural activities and behaviors. However, the subliminal messages do not have absolute control over our behaviors and habits. An advert suggesting you buy a particular car will not automatically influence you to buy that car instantly.

Experts say that subliminal messaging should be goal-oriented when communicated to a target group. A subliminal message prompting you to buy something won’t make you want that particular item instantly.

However, if you need that specific item and see the same subliminal message, you’re more likely to buy the recommended product. This whole idea is not brainwashing but a suggestive and persuasive process.

Subliminal messaging happens in our daily lives and can happen anytime, but we fail to notice them. Behavioral studies, which were done over the years, back subliminal messaging in influencing our choices. The new research explains how behavioral changes occur at the neuron and network levels.


Based on the history of subliminal research and experiments, it’s clear that subliminal messaging isn’t a brainwashing game at all. We always control our behaviors and habits, but external stimuli may influence our behaviors with or without our awareness.

As seen earlier in Vicary’s Coca Cola and Popcorn increased sales claim, it’s clear that visual priming can be tailored to impact our perception and eventually persuade us to make a purchase decision. Vicary flashed promoting texts on a movie screen promoting Coca-cola and popcorns. After the event, the company reported an increased sales.

To sum up, subliminal messages can deliver an extra influence on an individual to behave in a certain way that they would not have done ordinarily. Subliminal hypnosis boosts your subconscious mind’s ability to detect, process, and respond to external stimuli to help lead a quality life.