How Do You Know If Hypnosis Worked? | How Will You Feel After a Successful Session?

Many people tend to confuse hypnosis with unconsciousness. Hypnosis and a feeling of unconsciousness are two different things. During a hypnosis session, you’re likely to assume a sleeping state. You may go through different things during the hypnosis session. Some people hear what the hypnotherapist says, while others don’t hear at all. You might, therefore, wonder between the two individuals who got hypnotized? Then, how do you know if hypnosis worked?

The major part of your brain is made of the conscious mind. During the trance, the conscious mind might be active so you can hear what the hypnotherapist says. However, in some situations, the conscious mind becomes inactive, and you may not hear what the hypnotherapist is saying. But in all these situations, hypnosis may work – see if that’s the case with self-hypnosis, as well.

The key to successful hypnosis is to have an experienced hypnotherapist and have goals you would like to achieve.

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Hypnosis Downloads

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Other than hypnosis audios, there are also more than 1,250 hypnosis scripts ready for download. These scripts are accurate and intend-driven, with the hypnotherapist and the client in mind. You’ll never miss a great experience since the scripts are written by professional hypnotherapists.

Since 1995, more than 600,000 people have benefitted from the hypnosis audios in combating social phobias, anxiety, claustrophobia.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is defined as the focus or a feeling of relaxation your conscious mind goes through when manipulated to do so. Hypnosis can be administered in person or virtually. There isn’t a significant difference between the two ways of administering hypnosis. Both methods are effective provided the hypnotherapist is experienced, and the subject understands their goals.

We recommend you take a nap after your hypnosis session for effective sync.

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What’s the Feeling After a Hypnosis Session?

Different individuals have varied feelings after a hypnosis session. If the hypnosis was effective, you’ll experience a positive feeling which is not common to you. Furthermore, it will only increase with time.

Depending on your goals and how effective the session was, you might feel either of the following,

  • Your confidence has improved
  • You have a sound sleep 
  • You feel much relaxed
  • Your self-esteem has increased

It’s also common to feel sleepy after an effective hypnosis session.

After the session, you might or might not be able to remember what the hypnotherapist was saying. This is a theory involving your conscious mind. In the first case, the conscious mind is attentive. However, if you don’t remember, your conscious mind was inactive. However, in both cases, the subject will feel more relaxed than before the session.

Is Hypnosis Worth It?

Hypnosis is a very necessary therapy treatment for a variety of issues. Hypnosis in most cases tends to address the emotional concerns of an individual, especially the inner aspects that might go unnoticed.

Below is a list of issues hypnosis can solve.

  • Hypnosis can relieve pain
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Hypnosis can relieve stress
  • Improving the confidence level of an individual
  • Fighting depression
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Addressing insomnia
  • Addressing phobias
  • Smoking addiction concerns
  • Overcoming stage fright

How Do You Know if Hypnosis Worked

It’ll be a waste of time to undergo a hypnosis session without seeing results forthcoming. It’s, therefore, important to gauge and try to determine if the session is working out for you.

There are ways you can determine this during the session and after the session. Below are ways on how you can determine whether the hypnosis session is working for you or not.

During the Hypnosis Session

During the hypnosis session, you’ll know that the session is effective if you see any of the following in your subjects.

  • The subject’s eyes appear unfocused and glassy. The eyelids may also look heavy and will only get heavier with time.
  • Inability to answer questions other than the yes or no questions. Questions related to names and explanations of phenomena will be difficult for them to answer.
  • Change of voice from monotone to more animated. In this case, the hypnotist should instruct the subject to raise their voices.
  • Paralysis of the neck and the lower body parts. The subject may only be able to move their head with other body parts remaining intact and unable to move. The subject might also move their eyes around the room more rapidly.
  • Unusual body movements, especially the hands. They may draw incredible images in the air or might twirl their fingers in an outlined pattern.
  • You might feel a shift of weight. You may feel lighter or heavier than your normal weight.
  • A state of confusion. The subject becomes confused and may take longer to realize what is happening around them.
  • A change of attention. The subject may become more attentive and may seem to grasp everything of their concern.
  • Complaints from the subject, suggesting that time isn’t moving as fast as it is supposed to. They presume nearly everything around them moves at a slower rate than expected.
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After the Hypnosis Session

After a hypnosis session, you may experience a difference in your emotional characteristics, feelings, and personal belief. A successful hypnosis session will have the following characteristics.

  • The individual is more confident.
  • Your body feels relaxed. 
  • You feel less anxious.
  • You have an improved sleep experience.
  • You have better stress management.
  • You boost your self-esteem.
  • You have sufficient emotional control.

Will Hypnosis Work for You- Test Your Hypnosis Capabilities

Do hypnosis work for all individuals? What does it take to be hypnotized? The answer to all these questions is to perform a hypnosis test to see if you can get yourself or someone hypnotized.

The way the media portrays hypnosis creates an illusion linking hypnosis to individuals being controlled in trance states.

It is normal to have biased expectations when you enroll in a hypnosis session. Your expectations are directed to what you saw on the media displays. You may develop the feeling that you’re being hoaxed when you feel that there are no immediate impacts.

Ask yourself questions like the ones given below.

  1. How often do you get distracted by external distractions?
  2. How long do you take to fall asleep after you close your eyes?
  3. Does the behavior of those around you, like yawning affect you?
  4. Does a new song you love ring in your mind regularly at inconvenient moments?
  5. How creative do you perceive yourself?
  6. How do you respond to a crowd looking at something? Do you join them or ignore them?
  7. Do you feel emotional when you’re watching a movie, and you see an emotional episode?
  8. Does chatting with your friends make you lose track of time?
  9. Can you draw a visual image of the map from your home to the nearest shopping center?

These are the questions that will help you determine if hypnosis can work for you.

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How Can I Drive My Unconscious Mind to a Self Hypnosis Test?

You can perform a self-hypnosis test by observing the procedure given below – we expanded on self-hypnosis in our earlier post which deals with whether self-hypnosis is regarded safe or not.

  • Find a quiet and cool place. Sit down and relax. Do not cross your legs. Breathe softly and try to identify your ailing body part. Imagine that you’re about to drive a solution to that problem.
  • a hand holding the black baloon
    • Try to imagine a light object tied on one of your hands and a heavy object on the other.
    • Again, Imagine that the lightweight ballon on your hand is pulling your hand up, while the heavy load on the other is dragging your hand down. How about the feeling when another heavy load is added to the hand being dragged down, and another light balloon is tied to your other hand pulled up.
    • Imagine that more and more weight is added to the hand loaded with heavy objects and more balloons to the hands pulled up.
    • Open your eyes, then observe your hands’ positions. Are their positions intact, or have they changed their positions? If they have changed their positions, then, how far have they moved?

    Irrespective of the hands’ position, you’re a good candidate for hypnosis if you can imagine the balloon and the heavy object on your hands.

    After this test, you should look for an experienced hypnotist to guide you into the trance state (see also self-hypnotherapy).

    How Do I Know if Hypnosis Is Driving Me to My Desired Results?

    Ascertaining if hypnosis is helping you achieve your desires is important. You can do so by:

    • Use your body instincts and common sense. Observe your behavioral change, feeling, and new emotional responses to find if you were successfully hypnotized. You may be more aware of your surroundings when you’re in a hypnotic state.
    • Try to close your eyes based on the instructor’s suggestion until the hypnotherapist instructs you to open them.
    • Try to stick to the suggestions your hypnotist gives you without resisting. This will help you achieve your goals easily.

    The Bottom Line

    Hypnosis has proven to be a better way of dealing with emotional concerns. A higher percentage of individuals who subscribe to hypnosis recorded an improved personality after the hypnosis session. However, there are a few cases that hypnosis may fail to work. Therefore, knowing if the hypnosis worked or will work for you is essential before subscribing to a session.

    Do a self-hypnosis test before you begin a hypnosis session to ascertain if the process will work for you. During the session, be keen on how your body responds to various instructions and manipulations. Always have a qualified hypnotist by your side.

    After you successfully finish the hypnosis session, try to observe any difference in your personality and emotional characteristics. If hypnosis worked, you should experience a positive change in your personality and how you respond to emotional stimuli.