Hypnosis for Shyness | A Method to Boost Your Self Confidence

Shyness is a tense feeling of discomfort you may experience when encountering new situations like meeting with strangers. It’s caused mainly by low self-esteem or social anxiety. We all are likely to feel shy at one point, but some people experience severe shyness to the point of avoiding social interactions.

Shyness can inhibit your ability to do or express your thoughts and can result in unhealthy relationships – how seeking acceptance can get in a way of love has already been dealt with here.

Hypnosis can be used to solve shyness. It establishes the causal factors for the shyness feeling and finds the solutions to address the negative thoughts shy people may have. Through hypnosis, we get the right approach to feel about ourselves and live a free social life without anxiety.

Hypnosis has proven effective in overcoming shyness for people with social phobia and social anxiety. There are also hypnosis audio downloads for shyness which can significantly help you tackle shyness (see also how to deal with stage fright here). 

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I was so shy and socially anxious, and I always avoided social gatherings. I came across  Overcoming Shyness Pack hypnosis audio download. Ever started using this program, I’ve experienced a complete change in my personality. The program helped me:

  • Improve my spontaneity while interacting with other people
  • Feel much relaxed in social situations
  • My anxiety fade out
  • Find it easy and enjoyable to socialize with other people.

I highly recommend this program if you have social anxiety and shyness.

Symptoms of Shyness

Shyness isn’t a disorder, but in severe cases, it can manifest itself through a set of symptoms like:

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The Prevalence Of Shyness

Shyness is generally linked with anxious feelings. However, its prevalence varies among different cultures globally. Some cultures believe and embrace confidence – see confidence hypnosis – and consider shyness a weakness, while others view shyness as a moral value.

Is Being Shy Beneficial?

Shyness having benefits- No way! But before we jump to conclusions, let’s dig deeper first to discover more. This might surprise many people, but shyness does have benefits. A shy person is preferable in some given situations to a confident, outgoing person.

Shy people have the following in common:

  • They have a sense of empathy. Shy people are generally introspective. Therefore, they are well versed with every kind of feeling. They know how exactly these feelings look, making them able to identify the same feelings in other individuals. As a result, they know the best ways to manage relationships. They are also empathic listeners, making it easy for people to easily open to them.
  • Shy people are great at planning. The self-conscious nature of shy individuals allows them to make appropriate plans for all potential situations. As a result, they avoid unnecessary risks, efficiently plan for the unexpected, and can react quickly to uncertainties.
  • Shy individuals are modest. They avoided being the center of attention and complemented. The majority of people admire modesty, making shyness an advantage.
  • They are calm and good conflict managers.  Shy people usually maintain a calm state. A state of calmness can play a significant role when conflict is involved. Keeping calm in such situations may persuade the other conflicting party to back off.
  • Shy people are achievers. They do their best daily to improve their ability to interact with others. The hardship they go through makes them great achievers. Moreover, their excellent planning skills allow them to focus on long-term goals rather than short-term rewards.
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These highlighted benefits should not blind us to embrace shyness. Shyness is a vice that we all need to avoid. Its demerits overweigh the merits, among them being limiting our opportunities. It can also negatively impact our lives, mental health, and social relationships.

Self Hypnosis to Overcome Shyness

Self-hypnosis can play a crucial role in addressing shyness, social anxiety and can help you develop a better behaving and thinking approach. You can train yourself to act in ways that make you appreciate yourself. By so doing, you’ll start enjoying yourself in social gatherings rather than avoiding them. Practice how you should act in specific social situations while at your home. Self-hypnosis helps you identify your full potential and self-appreciation. It can also help you elicit pleasure – see ‘Sexual Hypnosis‘ – but that’s another topic.

How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Always Relax

Fear of strange events is caused by anxiety. If you want to treat shyness, focus on addressing your anxiety. This can be achieved by training yourself to relax.

You can learn how to relax by:

  • Meditation – Meditation is wishful thinking that can relax the mind and address anxiety effectively.
  • Listening to music – Listening to music reduce anxiety by lowering your blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Spend time outdoors – You’re likely to be happier and more relaxed when you spend time in nature.
  • Doing regular exercises – working out regularly on your daily schedule can relieve anxiety.
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Maintain eye Contact and Talk Slowly

Shyness may cause you to speak quickly and inefficiently, making people you address not understand you well (see also ‘How to Stop Saying UM‘). A shy person should maintain and speak slowly when talking to someone.

Eye contact is a crucial social stimulus. It can show different emotions and can affect the way we evaluate the attractiveness of something. Therefore, maintain eye contact in your daily interactions to increase your ability to sustain anxiety and shyness.

Speaking slowly makes people understand you better which can also improve your self-confidence as explained in the ‘hypnosis for public speaking‘ post. Moreover, if speech impediment is at the core of your problem, stuttering hypnosis can do wonders for your self-esteem, as well.

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Act Appropriately

Shy people may be seen to be unfriendly and unapproachable.

You’re more attractive when you smile and maintain eye contact while talking to someone. Smiling can also make your encounter with strangers easy and successful, but, as explained here, smiling in inappropriate situations is something where hypnosis can help to maintain appropriate behavior.

Have a Positive Self-Image

The self-image of shy people tends to be weak due to their reflective nature.

You can achieve this by:

  • Maintaining the correct posture. The first impression matters a lot. Your sitting, walking, and standing posture communicate more about your character. Standing tall may show and increase your confidence.
  • Dressing up properly. The way you groom determines the way you and other people see you. In addition, having a nice haircut or a little makeup can boost your self-image and confidence.
  • Maintain your body fitness –Your body fitness determines how people perceive you. Fitness can also increase your self-confidence.

When you improve your self-image, you boost your self-confidence, which can lower shyness.

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Focus on Helping other People Tackle Their Fear

Instead of focusing on your fear and shyness, try to address other people’s fear to help lift yours.

When helping other people be at ease, you’ll have a comfortable feeling about yourself.

How Hypnosis Overcomes Shyness and Social Anxiety

Some people are introverts, while others are extroverted by nature. Shyness is a trait that can be learned over time. A child hiding when new people are around them may have shyness instilled in their personality. If you’re shy or overprotective, chances are your child could also be shy. No matter the prevalence of your shyness, hypnosis for overcoming shyness can tackle it.

Shyness is a habit linked to the subconscious mind, and hypnosis is a perfect solution for these habits. When on a hypnosis plan, you can forego critical factors and focus less on less essential patterns to let go of the negative thoughts. A hypnosis download for shyness will help you feel more relaxed. Therefore, you can focus on essential changes. Always focus on developing healthier new patterns which can relax you and make you comfortable in social situations. 

Hypnosis for overcoming shyness is your best option if you want to combat your shyness and become confident for good. The hypnosis download for shyness will help address your unconsciousness and overcome the negative thought patterns.

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Finding Alternatives to Manage Anxiety Through Hypnosis

Shyness is a form of social anxiety which you can manage by:

  • Taking a longer out-breath than the in-breath. This process helps your body and brain to relax faster. A relaxed feeling brings a more friendly feeling that allows you to actively participate in social gatherings.
  • Train yourself to become more confident. Try to be more outgoing, find a quiet place, lie down and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself at a social function feeling relaxed and talkative. This self-hypnosis procedure will help you feel relaxed when you get into social functions. 

In Conclusion

Shyness, when left unaddressed, can result in unfriendly and unhealthy relationships, resulting in poor social life. A hypnosis session can come in handy to help overcome shyness and anxiety habits. Correct hypnotherapy has proven to be an effective measure that reduces shyness, awkward feeling, and social anxiety. It builds up your confidence to help you in new or unfamiliar situations, or perhaps when you meet new people.

Self-hypnosis works by balancing the autonomic nervous system and also reduce the way your body responds to stress.