Sexual Hypnosis | Can Hypnotherapy Enhance Pleasure, Sensuality, and Sensations?

Is there a relationship between hypnosis and sexual behavior?

Hypnosis has been in use for centuries to help transform bad habits, help you to fall asleep faster and longer, deal with anxiety, etc. But can it be used to get rippling orgasms?

If it can be used to induce dreams, boost confidence, deal with anxiety and other feelings, hypnosis may also be used to elicit pleasure. That is known as sexual hypnosis or Hypno sex. It involves using hypnotherapy to enhance sexual pleasure, sensuality, sexual feelings, and sensations without necessarily being touched.

Erotic hypnotherapy can help anyone to experience an orgasm provided they are in a trance state and feel safe to do so. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help people with erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

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What Is Hypno Sex (Erotic Hypnotherapy)? 

Sexual hypnosis or Hypno-sex refers to the use of hypnotherapy to achieve a particular sexual goal, including a hands-free orgasm or a pleasurable or relaxing state of mind. It involves someone guiding another person into a trance-like state of mind using their voice and suggesting particular behaviors, actions, and attitudes.

Erotic hypnotherapy seeks to enhance things that the subject has already experienced and enjoyed. It will help draw experiences that would otherwise remain hidden, help the hypnotize be more sensitive, and help lower sex inhibitions. Erotic hypnosis is a way of dealing with sexuality and sex life in an indirect way.

Why Would Someone Want to Practice Sexual Hypnosis?

There are several reasons why someone would want to practice Hypno-sex, including:

  • Enhancing fantasy and role-play
  • Experience hands-free orgasm
  • Control your pleasure during or after a trance
  • Enhance awareness of touch, sensation, and mind
  • Experience something considered a taboo
  • To let go and relax
  • Transform a fetish or kink

What makes Sexual hypnosis effective? It depends on various reasons, including:

  • Who the hypnotist is. Is it your partner or a Dominatrix that you hired to hypnotize you?
  • The context the hypnotism is happening, e.g., in a BDSM scene
  • It also depends on the goal of hypnosis, e.g., it can be to train a person to orgasm on demand

How Does Sexual Hypnosis Work?

Each sexual hypnotic session will start with you and your hypnotist laying down the foundation. You may take insights into your life, what your goal for the hypnotic session is, and your soft and hard limits.

The more information the hypnotist has about you and the session, the better.

According to Ann Williamson, a hypnotherapist, a person’s mind leaves their immediate environment during a hypnosis session and clings to other inner feelings such as cognition and imagery.

The process helps you to enter into a consciously induced trance that is a mirror of lighter trances that you experience a few times in a day. Some types of trances include when you zone out when driving and miss an exit, when you recap your day before you sleep, etc.

How you experience your trance will depend on the suggestions made by your hypnotist. Your relaxed state can resemble fuzziness, floating, grogginess, sleepiness, etc. Different people experience hypnosis differently. Some people can get turned on, some get extremely relaxed, others get amnestic, while others may not experience anything.

You remain in your relaxation state until something snaps you out of it or until the session is over.

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The entire erotic hypnosis session is supposed to leave you feeling lighter than before. You drop your inhibitions during the process, but you don’t get to lose who you are as a person. You also don’t lose your morals during the erotic hypnosis session.

The hypnotist uses “the induction of hypnosis” to get you to a relaxed state of mind. This can be done in several ways, but mostly, the hypnotist will use their voice. When you are relaxed, your hypnotist can do several things to achieve the goals of the session. This can include touch if it was agreed on while laying the foundation for the session.

How is Sexual Hypnosis Different From Audio Porn or Erotic ASMR?

Audio porn, ASMR, and erotic hypnosis are completely different concepts.

ASMR and erotic hypnosis can help you achieve sensation using voice and sound. Erotic hypnosis helps you to get to a deeper state of relaxation than you do with ASMR.

On the other hand, audio porn is an external stimulation that can help a person become aroused. It is different from erotic hypnosis, enabling you to tap into an internal sensation that enables you to become aroused in a deeper way.

Hypnosis Orgasms 

A woman in bed experiencing hypnosis orgasm

You can experience an orgasm during a hypnotic session. However, you may not expect an earth-shattering orgasm on the first session.

Experiencing an orgasm during hypnosis is also enlightening. It helps you realize that experiencing an orgasm or not depends on your mind. You get to realize that the largest sex organ is your brain.

Note, you can have an erotic hypnosis session without the goal to get an orgasm. The session can be all about feeling good about your body, empowering yourself, and proving to yourself how powerful your mind is.

Can You Have the Sessions Online? 

You can have erotic hypnosis sessions either in person or remotely.

Online audio guides (see also the top self-hypnosis audios) can feel safer as you can do it in the comfort of your home. However, you may have challenges getting an online hypnotist that fits your needs or expectations. You may require to do a lot of hunting to get the right person to hypnotize you.

If you search the internet, you’ll come across tons of people claiming to be hypnotists. Ensure you don’t settle on the first person you come across. Ask them questions to determine if you can trust them with the process.

Additionally, you should avoid a hypnotist who seems impatient and wants to run you through the process. Anybody who doesn’t want to lay the foundations before the session or get to know your limitations and safe words is not the right person for you.

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How to Try Erotic Hypnosis

Experiment With Regular Hypnosis

Before you can try erotic hypnosis, it will be best to experience regular hypnosis.

This will help you gauge how easily you get into a trance state.

You can check out hypnosis Youtube videos and try them out.

Additionally, you should have a reason for trying erotic hypnosis.

Do you want to try erotic hypnosis because you cannot experience an orgasm?

You need to understand your reason for seeking erotic hypnosis. This will help you decide the right hypnotist for you and the experience you can ask from them.

Get a Hypnotist You Can Trust

Ensure you get a professional hypnotist that you can trust before trying the experience in your bedroom.

Get a hypnotist with a good review, credentials, references, prior clients, and a website.

Note, not everyone who practices erotic hypnosis has good intentions. As such, you should conduct proper research to ensure you end up with a professional.

Say No to a hypnotist who makes suggestions that go against your moral fiber.

Decide How the Session Will Go 

After settling on a hypnotist, you should decide how you want to conduct the session, either in person or online.

Alternatively, you can skip the suggestions and decide to listen to the online recorded audio. You need to create rapport for a hypnosis session to be successful. You can create rapport even if the session is not conducted in person.

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Manage Your Expectations 

Before you can engage in erotic hypnosis, you should have a clear picture of what a successful session is like.

Trance happens in levels. Some people can experience deep trance while others may not.

As such, it will be helpful to decide how deep a trance is enough for you.

It will help a lot to get into a hypnosis session with an open mind and reasonable expectations. If you are consciously resisting hypnosis, it might not work.

Don’t Feel Demotivated

As you may know, some people fall asleep instantly when they get into bed, while others will take hours to sleep.

In the same way, different people will experience relaxation from hypnosis differently.

Different factors can determine how deep of relaxation you can experience. For example, you may not give your hypnotist enough information to help them give you the proper suggestions. Although sexual hypnosis is powerful, it is not certain.

demotivated client consulting with her hypnotist


After the session, you can remember everything that happened.

It doesn’t hurt spending time remembering how the session was, what took place, and how you felt.

What if you want to hypnotize someone?

Before you can go ahead to hypnotize someone, research sexual hypnosis and what it does. You can consider working with a hypnotherapist first before hypnotizing someone else.

Before you can start the session:

  1. Have a conversation with your partner to discuss the foundations of the session.
  2. Ensure you understand their goals, expectations, and limits.
  3. Ensure you go into the sexual hypnosis session as one team.

You should be careful as you phrase your suggestions to make sure you don’t harm the receiver by crossing lines. Additionally, you should manage your expectation as different factors can affect how the receiver takes your suggestions. Such factors can include drunkness, anxiety, stress, etc.

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Final Thoughts 

Sexual hypnosis is a powerful practice though it is not certain. It helps a lot to achieve a deep sense of relaxation and can also cause a hands-free orgasm. Ensure that you get a professional hypnotherapist that you can trust to take you through the sessions. You should conduct the sessions without losing your moral fiber or losing the person you are.