Hypnosis to Stop Thinking About Someone | Anchor Your Emotions

Do you think about a particular person a lot, and you can’t seem to stop it? Perhaps you are missing how comforting it was to touch them or even how they look.

A separation or breakup can have some emotional effects on you. The thoughts of the person you separate with can make you feel anxious, worthless, sad, helpless, angry, not good enough, and unlovable, and you may not know what to do.

So, how can you deal with low self-esteem feelings? The answer is in dealing with the emotions that you associate with the person. Hypnosis to stop thinking about someone can help you deal with arising negative thoughts.

How Does Hypnosis to Stop Thinking About Someone Help? 

There are several reasons why you can find it hard to get rid of obsessive thoughts about a person. Such reasons include:

  • The person wronged you
  • You have a crush on them
  • Broke your heart
  • You feel guilty about the separation
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Emotions are vital in helping you get over your ex and to stop thinking about them. Emotions comprise two parts. The first part consists of your thoughts, including images, sound, movies, color, and talking to yourself.

The second part of your emotions consists of the body sensations that you feel. For instance, if you have a panic attack, you may experience shaking, dizziness, sweating, etc.

Anchoring Your Emotions 

You store every emotion you ever experience in your life in your body, and the feelings are anchored in your memory. As such, if you go back to your bad memories, you’ll have destructive emotions. On the other hand, if you go back to your good memories, you will experience good emotions.

You can anchor your emotions to different things and objects such as words, time of the week, objects, people, time of the year, etc.

Low Self Esteem and Fear of Being Alone 

Fear of being alone and low self-esteem have a pivotal role when you want to forget someone. Being with someone or in a relationship makes one feel good, loveable, and worthy – see ‘Hypnosis for Love‘. You experience such feelings even when the relationship is not at its best, and you have constant fights with the other person.

If your partner leaves the relationship or decides to break up, you experience different emotions of not being good enough, worthless, failure, etc. You can also experience the feelings if you separate from a family member.

Hypnotherapy helps you stop the negative thoughts and move away from the pains resulting from the negative emotions. During the hypnosis sessions, the hypnotherapist will help you bypass your conscious mind and use the subconscious mind that is more ready to accept positive suggestions. This helps to replace the feelings of low self-esteem and fear of being alone with feelings of worthiness and self-assurance.

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Unfinished Business Hypnosis

If you break up or separate from someone, you feel incomplete.

If a thing is not complete, your brain becomes addicted to it. As such, you seek to get answers to your answered questions, and you long for happy endings to your story. Thus, if your mind experiences any downtime, it will try to go back to the unfinished business and stories to try and get answers to it.

Some of the reasons you find your mind going back to your unfinished business include:

  • Concern or fear of repeating a mistake that led to your breakup
  • Fear of getting in an unfamiliar situation in which you don’t have the competence such as being alone without your partner
  • Previous trauma may have affected your confidence in your judgment (there’s ‘Hypnosis for Confidence‘, too)

It would help if you were careful about being obsessed with unfinished business as it is unhealthy, and you may never achieve any positive results.

If you want to overcome the unfinished business or get over someone and move on, hypnosis is an excellent choice – see ‘Self Hypnosis to Get Over Someone‘. The following are ways that hypnotherapy can help you deal with your unfinished business and stop thinking about someone.

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Hypnosis to Deal With a Heartbreak 

Breaking up with a partner can be devastating. You cannot stop constantly thinking about the person and the reason you had to go separate ways.

When you are in love, your brain activates some glands to produce particular chemicals. When you break up with your partner, the body replaces the love chemicals with breakup chemicals. The breakup chemicals make you feel guilty, unhappy, unworthy, helpless, unloveable, etc. You can feel physical pain in your heart because of the heartbreak.

If you are not careful, such painful thoughts and feelings can impede you from moving on with your life. You can also be obsessed with somebody even if they mistreat you when you are in a relationship. Hypnosis helps you eliminate such negative feelings and pain, and you can look at life more positively – check out ‘Positive Thinking Hypnosis‘. It also enables you to deal with your emotions if you go through the same thing in the future..

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Hypnosis to Forget Someone

It’s difficult to stop thinking of a loved one when you are not together anymore. Rejection or a breakup has the same effects on your brain as cocaine withdrawal. A rejection is similar to drug addiction in every sense.

Hypnotherapy is a popular remedy that the medical community uses to deal with drug addiction. It teaches the brain to avoid stimulants and also to process them differently. This makes it effortless and straightforward to deal with drug addiction.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful that it makes drug addicts not think about drugs anymore. If a rejection or breakup has the same effects as cocaine withdrawal, it means hypnosis will be effective in helping you to stop thinking about someone.

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You require hypnosis fast if you ever find yourself with the thoughts to do something rash or undignified after breaking up. After breaking up, there’s a lot of dopamine in your brain that enhances the craving for more love rewards.

The longing for more love turns on your motivation centers, and you start thinking of ways to get the attention of the person you broke up with.

Hypnosis Stop Thinking About an Ex

While you are learning to deal with the lost love, another part of your brain is trying to assess your current situation. The brain will start to slowly build another chapter of your life after the lost love.

Hypnosis helps you overcome your current situation by first minimizing the production of dopamine. It also seeks to change your thoughts and actions, and it finally brings on board the part of your brain that focuses on your new situation after the separation.

Hypnotherapy will not seek to interfere with the way you get into a new relationship or find love. However, it will help change your mind regarding the breakup and the trauma associated with it. Thus, if you experience hypnosis by a therapist or self-hypnosis, you won’t have to bully yourself into getting over the situation. You’ll not have the urge to keep checking your ex on social media or overcome the temptation to call them.

There are various ways that you can use hypnosis to forget someone. For instance, you can hold your hypnosis session with a hypnotherapist who guides you through hypnotizing yourself. When you are in the hypnotized state (trance-like), the therapist gives you positive suggestions to your subconscious mind that helps change your thoughts.

Alternatively, you can listen to hypnosis downloads alone. You need to be in a quiet place. You’ll follow the instructions on the downloads to hypnotize yourself.

Hypnosis Downloads 

If you want to hypnotize yourself, Stop Thinking About Someone is a practical hypnosis download by Hypnosis Downloads. The hypnosis audio will enable you to eliminate all the negative thoughts in your mind that make it impossible to forget someone.

As you are in the deep relaxation mode and repeatedly listen to the audio, you realize that:

  • You’ll feel more objective towards the person, and it becomes less difficult to detach from them
  • You can get rid of all the obsessive thoughts that are disturbing you
  • It is possible to put your focus on new and more exciting opportunities
  • You’ll be able to enjoy your time more without thinking about the person

You can download the audio and focus your attention in more meaningful directions as you also focus on your emotional and physical needs. You can have the hypnosis audio on your desktop or mobile device via an app that allows you to access the audio from anywhere. Ensure you are in a quiet and adequately lit room as you listen to the audio.

Final Thoughts 

Separating from someone can have some adverse emotional effects on you. It can make you feel unloved, worthless, rejected and make you have low self-esteem. Such negative thoughts can make it a challenge for you to move on with your life and establish new relationships. Rejection can have the same effect on your life as cocaine withdrawal. Hypnosis helps you deal with the negative thoughts that become an impediment in your life and allows you to have a more positive outlook on life.