Gay Hypnosis | An Exciting Way To Explore Your Sexuality

Much like erotic hypnosis, gay hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to reach certain sexual goals, usually through a video or hypnotherapy session. Many skeptics of gay hypnosis wonder if watching a short video on YouTube can make you gay.

The truth is, no, a hypnotist is not able to make you gay men simply by putting you in a trance. However, being in a trance state can make clients more open to suggestions and can explore ideas that even they may not have realized. Gay hypnosis is an interesting way to explore your sexual self as it does not always have to require physical touch. The same goes for sissy hypnosis.

What is Gay Hypnosis?

Gay hypnosis is a specific type of erotic hypnosis that puts clients in a trance state to guide a male into performing sexual acts that gay men would typically perform. A gay hypnotherapy session can be between a hypnotist and subject, between partners, or can even happen through an online video or call. It typically involves the person in control to induce hypnosis, then talks the subject into different sexual goals.

Many people enjoy gay hypnosis because it includes an element of control. Much like how BDSM applies physical control and submission, hypnosis sessions involve mind control. Many people find this aspect hot and mysterious, making it an experience that increases sexual arousal or stimulation of erotic hypnosis.

Is Gay Hypnosis a Real Thing?

Gay hypnosis is most definitely a real thing, however, it is a bit more complicated than that. While gay hypnosis may be erotic and kinky to explore, it doesn’t exactly have the power to make you gay. First off, consent is the most important thing to discuss with your hypnotist or partner before beginning. Although it may not be sex directly, it does involve sexual feelings and arousal, which needs to be agreed upon first. That being said, the subject should already be aware that being in the daydreaming state will make them susceptible to performing sexually as gay men.

Some skeptics warn that this type of erotic hypnosis can make a man gay, but no video or hypnotist actually has the power to do so. Since inhibitions are lowered in this relaxed state of hypnosis, the conscious mind may be more open to suggestions. In this case, they have to do with sexuality.

Many people partake in gay hypnosis to explore, have fun, or do things they may not have the confidence to do with their conscious minds. Hypnosis simply brings out feelings or ideas that are already in a person’s mind. While gay hypnosis can’t turn someone gay, some guys find that it is a fun and hot way to explore who they really are.

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How is Gay Hypnosis Different from Erotic Hypnosis?

Gay hypnosis is a specific type of erotic hypnosis that is directed towards gay men or guys that are open to exploring a homosexual side of themselves. While some erotic hypnosis may explore the idea of a homosexual identity, gay hypnosis more directly targets it. In some gay hypnosis videos or sessions, the hypnotist may reinforce the idea that the subject is gay and should perform sexually as gay men.

This can be reinforced with other cosmetic items, such as changing the way they dress or wearing makeup. While gay hypnosis is erotic hypnosis, the main idea is less reaching an orgasm but instead fulfilling the role of a gay guy.

What is the Process of Gay Hypnosis?

Gay hypnosis can involve many different sexual goals; however, the practice remains the same.

  • Consent– This step is crucial to having a successful hypnosis session since it builds trust before handing over the power to control your mind. It also helps to lay the groundwork for what you like and what stuff you feel comfortable with. Also, since this type of hypnosis involves a sexual experience, it is important to first discuss the approach and limitations of the session. Although you may feel free to do anything you want in a relaxed state, the last thing you want is to feel violated.
  • Induction of hypnosis state– After discussing the terms of the session, the hypnotist or partner will induce you into the trance state. Many people confuse it with being asleep, but the body normally runs with the exception of freezing your body. Here your mind relaxes, allowing the guy in control to tap into your subconscious and give you suggestions.
  • Placement of cues-While in the trance state, the person in control, can give you cues or implant commands. For gay hypnosis, this usually involves reinforcing the idea of being gay and sexual stimulation from a gay perspective. It is similar to role play but always involves the role of being gay, even with the addition of other roles.
  • Release from trance state– After giving sexual suggestions or cues, the fun begins. The person in control can start giving you commands to reach sexual stimulation or arousal. This can come in many different forms, such as hands-free orgasm, a heightened sexual experience, foreplay, sex, and more. With erotic hypnosis, exploration is limitless. After the session is over, it is common to discuss or even question anything that happened during hypnosis. Here you can talk about things you liked or didn’t like in order to improve the course of the session.

Your Brain on Gay Hypnosis

Hypnosis actually has a biological explanation and isn’t just some voodoo magic that some people happen to believe in. The trance state that hypnosis induces is actually something that most people have experienced before. Sometimes in a state of relaxation, the mind tends to skip over or forget periods of time. With hypnosis, people use this state of relaxation to explore life as your subconscious knows it.

During induction, the hypnotist guides you into a more relaxed brain state known as alpha, delta, or theta brain waves. This allows the activity of the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex to decrease, making your inhibitions and anxiety lower.

It also increases the activity in the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, which controls our creativity and desire to explore subconscious thoughts.

If you decide to try gay hypnosis, you may have already had some subconscious thoughts about homosexuality. Hypnosis allows people to be freer and enjoy things that they may not consciously believe they like or want. In this case, to explore sex, or sexual arousal or stimulation as a gay man.

Benefits of Gay Hypnosis

Life, as we know it today, is based on heterosexuality. The first thing that comes up when looking up “couples” or “family picture” almost always involves a man and a woman. That being said, it can be hard for gay men to fully feel confident in expressing who they are. Other males may feel confused or try to deny who they are.

Gay hypnosis helps to give power to another person, letting you let go and act how you truly want to. Gay hypnosis is similar to BDSM in the way that it is nonconsensual consensual acts. Gay hypnosis typically involves control and submission, making sexual acts and stimulation “forced.” This allows people to feel more comfortable engaging in these acts, even if they may find it shameful in the real world.

Not only can gay hypnosis be a way for a guy to express who they really are sexually, but it also has a kinky element due to the inclusion of power and control. If you notice your sex life getting boring, gay hypnosis can be a great way to spice things up. You can practice this between you and your partner as it can be hot to give someone else the power to control your mind.

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Consequences of Gay Hypnosis

Gay hypnosis is not dangerous, but there can be some consequences if not used correctly. With the heavy influx of gay hypnosis media and growing popularity, there are videos out there that can be degrading.

While there is typically an aspect of domination and submission, sometimes sexually degrading terms can be used in Hypno porn or gay hypnosis videos. Since people are heavily influenced by the media around them, this can be portrayed in real life and lead to degrading attitudes towards gay men or homosexuals. Of course, gay hypnosis does not directly lead to these consequences; however, there can be negative effects from it.

Should I Try Gay Hypnosis?

If you are interested in exploring more of yourself sexually, or even if you are a guy that is simply confused about your sexuality, gay hypnosis can help to lower your inhibitions. It can help you learn more about yourself or even spice up your sex life. You can do it in the comfort of your own room and even direct your partner into increased sexual stimulation. Many people worry that they may turn gay from these videos, but truthfully, a video or hypnotherapy session can’t change your sexuality. It is not dangerous by any means, so gay hypnosis has many positive aspects and outcomes if it interests you.