Weight Gain Hypnosis | Focus On Healthy Habits To Increase Muscle Mass

You may have tried everything to put on weight and also gain muscle mass. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work out for you. You try the high-protein diets but only feel bloated and sluggish all day. You may have even tried working out, but after seeing no results after months, you give up on it as well. And now another thing added to your list—weight gain hypnosis.

The main goal of weight gain hypnosis is to help people gain weight and muscle mass according to their body’s natural capabilities. The process involves heightening the imagination while at the same time heightening the awareness level of what you’re eating or drinking. Based on reports, most people who have tried weight gain hypnosis have seen positive results in just a few days. In addition, this article why hypnosis is generally accepted as safe.

Hypnosis Downloads

How many times have you wanted to gain weight but couldn’t? Have you tried Hypnosis? What makes hypnosis is if you’re open to it and willing to let your subconscious get tapped.

Hypnosis Downloads comes in handy when you want to gain weight because it taps into your subconscious mind so that it gives you back the power to choose what you want to eat. They have several hypnosis audios that can help with this process and help shift your mindset eventually leading you to gain weight gradually.

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Hypnosis for weight gain will help you make better choices in what you eat and it will become a lifestyle and is more sustainable than fad diets because chances with them are that you’ll end up giving in and going back to your old eating habits.

What is Weight Gain Hypnosis?

Weight gain hypnosis has been designed to be as effective as possible. If you follow the instructions, then you’ll see results. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that everyone is different, and results vary from person to person.

You’ll also find that listening to these sessions before bed gives you a great night’s sleep. As you progress throughout the sessions, you should see an increase in your desire to eat larger meals. You may also find yourself feeling more open towards junk food, which is a good thing.

It won’t happen overnight, but you should see some noticeable differences in your eating habits over a few months. You’ll feel less anxious around food and start to enjoy going out with friends to enjoy a tasty meal. If you have a history of emotional eating, weight gain hypnosis will completely change the way you eat forever.

How Does it Work?

Weight gain hypnosis will make you more open to eating more significant portions at mealtimes. It also makes you more aware of how your body feels when it’s had enough food. You’ll find yourself less likely to snack between meals and genuinely feel satisfied after finishing a meal. As great as this sounds, it might not allow you to eat anything and everything.

The files will introduce you to weight gain techniques (It would be wise not to skip this section). Once you become accustomed to these, they’ll begin hypnosis sessions that are just under 30 minutes. These sessions aren’t long enough to put you into a complete trance state, but they’ll still do the trick. Each session will work on a specific goal, such as increasing your appetite, making you more open to eating in front of others, or getting rid of any anxiety about food.

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Although these sessions are powerful enough on their own, it’s recommended that you download them all for full benefit. It’ll leave you feeling more open to indulging in food and less self-conscious with every meal. It may also have some interesting effects on your behavior throughout the day.

What Causes Weight Gain?

The underlying causes of weight gain are often different for people. Some find themselves overweight due to genetic predisposition, while others find it because of mental problems. Sometimes emotional factors can cause an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to obesity (see health hypnosis). But the most common causes are stress and the availability of food daily.

People these days lead very stressful lives, and eating can act as a stress reliever. Stress not only makes people want to eat, but it also convinces them they need high-fat foods and large portions to get through the day.

Metabolism is also a factor in weight gain. Sometimes people don’t have the metabolism to burn off the extra calories they ingest no matter how much exercise they do.

What to Expect From Hypnotherapy for Weight Gain

People who practice hypnosis experience the following:

  • Increased inner awareness and ability to make changes in thought patterns.
  • More focused and less distracted during meal times.
  • Easier time staying focused on things like healthy eating, exercise regimen, etc.
  • An increased desire for more nutritious foods, including fruits and vegetables (over junk food).

People who use hypnosis find that they have more mental clarity and less anxiety. They’re able to gobble a meal without being distracted by stress or other emotions.

a woman writing down the notes about her feelings

They also tend to make healthier choices regarding food, even if they do indulge occasionally. It doesn’t mean you can never enjoy a piece of chocolate cake or a portion of your favorite comfort food. It just means you’ll be more likely to make the healthier choice and enjoy it guilt-free.

How Effective is Weight Gain Hypnosis?

It’s much more effective than people give it credit for. The entire point of hypnosis is to set your mind in a specific state, build confidence and then enhance that state with positive thinking. Weight gain hypnosis does that, as the results will speak for themselves.

People who practice this type of treatment see excellent weight gain results without putting too much physical effort into it. You can’t expect to sit around and be told that you’re gaining weight by listening to a hypnosis session for 30 minutes once a day. To see your body changing, you need to make lifestyle changes along with your weekly sessions.

Other Methods of Weight Gain

People who choose weight gain hypnosis as the best way to achieve their goals do so for several reasons. One reason is that it’s the easiest method available, and once you start looking into other methods, you’ll see that this is an accurate statement. Many people use diet pills to achieve their weight goals.

Excessive dieting is a standard method of losing weight, but it’s also very unhealthy and can often cause people to gain back more than they lost within a few months. New Year’s resolutions are only effective for so long before people slip back into their old habits.

It does not mean that you won’t be responsive to other methods, but weight gain hypnosis is the easiest method for people looking to make long-term changes. Most people see results after two or three weeks of regular sessions.

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Risks of Weight Gain Hypnosis

There are no risks involved with hypnosis for weight gain. People who use this type of treatment tend to have tried everything else under the sun and can’t seem to find anything that works. If you’re determined, then you’ll see results over time.

It’s also worth noting that hypnosis is entirely natural and doesn’t work against the body’s processes (see if hypnosis works in our earlier post). You’re unlikely to experience adverse side effects or an increase in hunger pangs.

Weight gain hypnosis should only be used to add to healthy eating and exercise, not as a replacement for them. It’s simple and easy to do, so there is no reason not to give it a go if you’re struggling to gain weight.

Who Can Benefit from Weight Gain Hypnosis?

Anyone can benefit from weight gain hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is helpful because you’re making positive changes to your life that work with your mind-body connection. Ideal results are seen when you combine weight gain hypnosis with healthy eating and exercise, but that’s not always possible for everyone since they can’t afford private healthcare or are too busy to go to the gym every day.

Effects of Weight Gain Hypnosis

As previously stated, you’ll see weight gain hypnosis results after two or three sessions. You may find that you become more aware of your eating habits and why you eat when you do. It’s a good idea to keep a food diary during the process, which can help you notice patterns between feelings and cravings.


If you are looking to gain weight, then weight gain hypnosis is the best way to go. It’s easy to implement and can be done at home if you have a CD or an mp3 file. Weight gain hypnosis has helped many people in the past, and it could help you too in your journey of gaining weight in a healthy manner that will lead to a happier life and a better body.