Muscle Hypnosis | To Help You Get in Shape and Build Muscle Mass

Hypnotherapy is among the oldest types of psychotherapy. It dates back to the 18th century when Franz Anton Mesmer, a German-born physician, came up with the idea of mesmerizing clients with ethereal music and dim light. But can hypnotherapy help you to build muscles?

There is an eternal debate about whether hypnotherapy can help to build muscle strength or to enhance performance. According to Joan S. Ingalls, there is a rising trend to get a mental edge in sports (see hypnosis for sports). Here, we look at the various ways that hypnotherapy can help you build muscles. Also, see our answer to one of the most frequently asked questions – ‘Is self-hypnosis safe?’.

Self Hypnosis to Enhance Muscle Growth 

Hypnosis is used for a lot of things, including helping in weight loss. Additionally, you can use it to jump-start your exercises and work out. Hypnosis has helped various people, including some who want to compete in marathons.

Building muscles comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, it can help you build your bone density and minimize your chances of injuries during your workout sessions. It also allows you to burn calories long after doing your exercises and keeps you in shape.

Other benefits of building muscle mass include:

  • Better sleep.
  • Enhancing your body balance.
  • Preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • Decreasing your blood sugar.

Does your mental state matter in muscle building?

Muscle mass building is a lifelong commitment that requires you to be mentally prepared for you to succeed. Keep in mind that working out is not easy, and some people have negative feelings about it. To build your muscles, you require to have a deep resolve in your mind that you want to look good, healthy, and be active – see also energy hypnosis.

During hypnosis sessions, your therapist can help you bypass the conscious mind (critical thinking) and use your subconscious. The subconscious enables you to activate the physical activities necessary for building muscles.

Hypnotherapy puts you in a deep relaxation state in which your mind is ready to accept positive suggestions. As you attend your sessions, you realize that:

  • You have the motivation to exercise daily and ensure you eat properly
  • Your mind will be focused on building muscles and living a healthy life
  • You’ll be getting stronger and look shapely and sharp
  • You’ll achieve your ideal body weight depending on your body mass index

There are also suggestions that hypnotherapy can help increase your muscle mass without you having to exercise. Your mind will start to believe in the possibility of building muscles, and your beliefs and self-limiting habits will improve.

Hypnosis Session for Enhancing Your Muscles

If you choose hypnosis to enhance your muscles, you have various options available. You can hold hypnotherapy sessions with a hypnotherapist, or you can do it alone.

Doing it alone means using hypnosis sessions that you can download and then listen to them in the privacy or comfort of your home. When you listen to the hypnotherapy recording – see best audios for hypnosis – it offers you a set of instructions that you need to follow to get you to a hypnotic state. In that state, you can bypass the conscious mind and focus on the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is more open to receiving positive suggestions while you are in the trance state.

Being confident in hypnosis is a critical factor to consider to achieve the best results. If you don’t experience immediate results in your mindset, you may have to listen to the hypnosis download multiple times.

While in the hypnotic state, you remain in total control of your body and mind. You should also feel free to stop the hypnotherapy session at any time. Self-hypnosis is a relaxing activity that you’ll find to be pleasant. Besides helping you to build your muscles, hypnosis will also help you in other areas, including enabling you to enjoy better sleep and making you more productive at work.

Which Is the Best Way to Build Your Body? 

The body you currently have is the direct result of your choices and decisions. Your choices will also determine how your future body will look like. You have to choose what to eat, what to drink, how you spend your spare time, etc.

When you realize that your choices are a determiner of how your body will look in the future, you start focusing on the choices you make. If you want to build your muscles and become a stronger person, the strength is actually inside you.

Building your muscles begins in the mind. If you can strengthen your mind by making the right choices, then your body also strengthens. As such, hypnosis is essential when you want to build your muscles. It helps to enhance your mind, and then your body follows suit more effortlessly.

Hypnosis can be regarded as the best-kept secret in the body-building world. It ensures you achieve a superior muscle build with long-lasting effects.

Dealing With Barriers to Your Success

Your mind is the only barrier to achieving your dream body. It can either enhance your achievements or make it challenging to attain your desired success.

This is why hypnotherapy is vital in helping you attain your goals. If you have negative thoughts about working out or building your muscles, it will be challenging to try and achieve anything. However, hypnosis puts you in a deep state of relaxation in which you can replace the negative thoughts and resistance with positive suggestions.

When you deal with any resistance and negative thoughts, then success is possible. Hypnosis allows you to believe that you can achieve your desired results no matter the obstacles. It helps reduce your mental resistance and negative attitude to a weight lifting session, making it less effortless and more enjoyable.

If you want to build your muscles, it will help to know that hypnosis has been effective for hundreds of years and will continue to be crucial in muscle building. It is a success secret for muscle builders and will see you enjoy your results in no time.

Hypnosis makes it possible to turn your fantasies about building muscles into a practical reality. Attaining your goals doesn’t have to look difficult if not impossible. It enables you to achieve all your desires by getting rid of all self-made patterns that hold you back. Hypnosis builds your body by working on your body first.

It gives you the necessary motivation and inspiration – see motivation hypnosis – to never miss your workout session. It encourages you to consider your eating habits, enhance your stamina and exercise more efficiently.

How Can You Hypnotize Yourself?

Following the same hypnosis script frequently leads to faster and deeper results. It involves reciting a script while envisioning yourself traveling to a more peaceful realm.

young woman lying on the couch and listening to audios

So, how can you hypnotize yourself?

  • You should lie down with your eyes fixed on a particular point on the ceiling. Ensure the point is slightly behind you so that your eyes strain a little while looking at it.
  • Breath deeply and slowly.
  • You can suggest to yourself that you close your eyes.
  • Additionally, you can go deeper into your hypnotic state by counting. For instance, at the count of three, I will go deeper into a hypnotic state. At the count of three, I will be more relaxed.
  • Ensure you repeat this several times
  • Start counting to three while repeating the command with each count. For instance, “one…getting relaxed, two…deeper relaxation, three…hypnotic state.”
  • When you are hypnotized, you can program yourself to carry out various tasks.

For instance,

  • “At the count of ten, I will have a more positive attitude towards working out and exercising.”
  • When I wake up at the count of ten, I will continue to have a more positive attitude towards working out and shed off all negative feelings

You may have to spend more time trying to hypnotize yourself during the initial hypnotizing sessions. However, you’ll get used to it over time, and it will be more effortless to get yourself hypnotized. You can test how deep your hypnotic state is using physical activities, such as making your eyelids heavy or feeling some sensations in your hands. If you can achieve any of the physical activities, you may require more time in the initial hypnosis stage.

Better Living With Hypnosis

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Final Thoughts 

Muscle hypnosis is critical when you want to build muscles. It helps you tune your mind to do away with negative feelings about working out. While in the hypnotic state, you will replace the automatic negative feelings about working out with positive suggestions. This will help you get the necessary motivation to exercise.