Hypnosis for Procrastination | Stop Putting off Tasks Until the Last Minute!

Do you find yourself putting off stuff to do until the last minute? As a procrastinator, you may often focus on trivial tasks and avoid difficult ones. Everybody has some form of distraction. It could be a phone alert, an Instagram notification, an email, or even a funny video your friend sent you. A few minutes you meant for social media could turn into a whole day.

So, how can you deal with the negative thoughts that cause you to procrastinate? How can you increase your mental health and motivation to work? 

Hypnosis for procrastination – see also ‘Hypnosis for Organization‘ – is the answer to all your questions. It puts you in a trance state in which your subconscious mind will accept positive suggestions that will help you in overcoming your procrastination habit.

Can Procrastination Be a Positive Thing?

If you try to do everything you need to at once, you’ll soon get overwhelmed. All your tasks are not equally urgent, and they have varying importance.

As such, you must manage what you have to do and allow yourself to complete tasks comfortably.

However, managing the tasks is not that easy. You will always find yourself pushing some tasks to the back of the queue, even though they are essential. Even if you mean to do them, you just don’t want to. Sometimes you can forget about the tasks and only remember when the deadline is due or after a penalty demand.

If you regularly procrastinate and you realize that things are not going as well as they should, then it’s time to do something to stop procrastination. Hypnosis for procrastination can help you deal with your negative thoughts and focus on putting things in order.

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Why Do People Procrastinate?

Procrastination is not a habit that you were born with but rather one you acquire. It is a negative trait that can lead to low self-esteem, frustrations, and negative thoughts that can hinder you from progressing.

If you want to overcome procrastination, you have to go down to your motivation and the desire to see things done (see ‘Hypnosis for Motivation and Energy‘). Hypnosis can help you deal with the stress and negative energy that hinder you from taking action. It also enables you to develop goals and a workable plan to help you take steps towards achieving the goals.

How Does Hypnosis Help in Overcoming Procrastination? 

To understand procrastination, you need to tell the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind. When you know what to do and know it is the right thing to do, that’s all in the conscious mind.

However, the motivation to get things done comes from the unconscious mind.

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Hypnosis for procrastination helps to turn your conscious thoughts into an unconscious drive. When you get hypnotized, the conscious part of your mind is shut off. Hypnosis puts you in a deep state of relaxation in which your subconscious mind is activated. It becomes more ready to receive information, and the information you feed it sticks. When you are in a trance-like state, you can help your mind do away with the negative thoughts and replace them with new and supportive ones.

Hypnotherapy helps you deal with the root cause of the behaviors that cause you to procrastinate and cause you anxiety when things are not done. You feed the mind with new habits that enhance your ability and confidence to get things done.

When you become hypnotized, you realize that:

  • You get a more profound sense of determination and purpose
  • You stop battling with yourself daily about completing tasks or getting things done
  • You identify factors that cause you to delay, and you deal with them effectively
  • It is possible to get much more done within a short period
  • Understand and take care of your needs better

Self Hypnosis to Overcome Procrastination? 

Hypnotherapy helps by working with the subconscious and empowers it to make better decisions. When you want to stop procrastinating, hypnosis is a practical option to consider. It empowers you by:

Making You Aware of Negative Thinking 

Hypnotherapy trains your mind to recognize your bad habits. It then seeks to change your perspective by replacing the negative automatic thoughts in your consciousness with positive ones. 

Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation where the mind is open to accept new suggestions. In other words, your therapist helps input new suggestions manually that help you get rid of the undesired thoughts.

Building Confidence 

One of the reasons people procrastinate is due to the fear of failure. You push the decision to carry out specific tasks up to a later date because you are afraid of the uncertain results from these tasks.

A hypnosis session with a therapist helps you to overcome your fears. Hypnotherapy helps to rebuild your sense of self-worth and confidence and enables you to be your best cheerleader.

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Motivating Yourself 

Self-motivation is a vital factor in getting things done. If you are demotivated, you will find yourself pushing tasks, even the important and urgent ones, to a later date. Motivation helps to push you to deal with the difficult and biggest tasks first to tackle the day.

Hypnotherapy helps you to motivate yourself by overcoming fears of failure and perfectionism.

Minimizing Negative Lifestyle Factors 

Self-hypnosis is effective in helping you overcome a variety of unhealthy lifestyle factors. It can help you deal with sugar addictions, calm anxiety, sleep better, and get rid of stress. Therefore, hypnosis can also be effective in dealing with procrastination.

Relearning How to Work 

Hypnotherapy can also help you to relearn how to work (see ‘Productivity Hypnosis‘, too). Procrastination doesn’t take hours to happen. It starts within a second when you get the initial thought not to do something. Hypnosis comes in by ensuring that you train your mind to take action during that initial thought, empowering your sense of initiative.

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Learning How to Reward Yourself 

The reward system is vital in motivating yourself to carry out various tasks, even those you consider difficult. However, distractions are also a form of reward. It is a reward that you come to appreciate more than work.

Using self-hypnosis, you can train your mind not to enjoy the feelings you get from distractions. On the contrary, hypnotherapy helps to empower your mind to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from getting things done.

Stop Being a Procrastinator

You can stop being a procrastinator and focus on getting things done today. You may not even need to work with a hypnotherapist, although that will also help achieve better results.

Is hypnosis for procrastination different?

Hypnosis for procrastination is no different from traditional hypnosis as it uses the same techniques. During the hypnotherapy sessions, you follow a script that helps you get to a deep state of relaxation. When you are in the deep trance-like state, you start giving yourself positive affirmations that help to reprogram your subconscious mind.

All you require for your hypnosis session is a quiet place, some minutes, and a script for procrastination hypnosis.

Alternatively, you can listen to a procrastination hypnosis audio. The hypnosis recording is similar to having a one-on-one session with a hypnotherapist.

It helps you follow a guided technique to help you enter into a trance state. When you become hypnotized, the positive affirmations are given by the script.

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Final Thoughts 

Procrastination comes from distractions that give you more enjoyment than work. As such, you find yourself enjoying pushing tasks to the back of the queue. This not only affects your productivity but also your quality of work. Sometimes you cannot beat deadlines, or you are forced to work hurriedly, which affects the quality of your output. Procrastination also affects your self-esteem and thinking.

Hypnosis for procrastination helps you to deal with the challenge and to focus on getting things done. It helps to replace the negative automatic thoughts with positive thoughts that you can input manually. You can take the hypnotherapy sessions alone, or you can have a therapist. Alternatively, you can download hypnotherapy sessions.