Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety | A Highly Effective Method to Improve Your Daily Life

Do you think you have social anxiety? Or maybe you already received the right diagnosis of social anxiety? If yes, you are in the right place because we are about to guide you on how to get your social anxiety gone for life. NO, it won’t happen in a day or two, but yes, you will see an improvement at the end of it all.

The treatment we are talking about is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety is relatively a newcomer in the game. Hypnotherapy on its own is not new, but its treatment for social anxiety is new. And, it’s proving to be highly effective.

Think of it as a game-changer everyone has been waiting for.

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Should I Get Hypnotherapy For My Anxiety?

A social anxiety disorder can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, over half of the people who suffer from anxiety disorders do not seek help.

Do you feel overwhelmed when in social gatherings? Do you spend days contemplating whether to attend social gatherings? And if you have to attend the social gatherings, do you find yourself keeping to the background, getting panicky, and afraid of any social confrontation? Do you attempt to make everything around you perfect in fear of criticism? If this is you, chances are you are suffering from a social anxiety disorder.

The best way to diagnose social anxiety disorder is to visit a psychologist or a health professional. However, if you answered yes to these questions, you can be quite sure.  

There is no solid way to diagnose social anxiety when you are at a medical professional’s. Usually, you speak to the medical professional about your symptoms, and they will diagnose you from that.

Social anxiety is very much different from being shy. Shyness is often short-lived and minor while social anxiety is intense. This is another reason why you need to visit your psychologist for the proper diagnosis.

However, fortunately, there are several ways to treat social anxiety. Some patients may need a combination of several treatments, while some may need just a single treatment to help them through social anxiety disorder.

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The Way to Overcome Social Anxiety Issues

One of the most common types of anxiety disorders is social anxiety disorder.

It can create issues in circumstances that many people consider daily life activities. For instance, getting on the checkout at the store can cause panic. Sometimes, it can become problematic to associate with family and friends.

We love how effective hypnosis is in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help In the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

The goal of hypnotherapy in treating social anxiety is to separate your response to anxiety from the experience you get when socializing and when in public.

Simply put, hypnotherapy separates the experience from your reaction.

Furthermore, you may obtain suggestions in post-hypnotherapy sessions to help you manage the condition. Post-hypnotherapy sessions help teach you how to relax when you feel overwhelmed.

What Happens During Hypnotherapy

If you get overwhelmed, panicky, and sometimes exhausted by social confrontations, consider getting hypnotherapy to get you through social anxiety.

Self-help does not always help, especially if you are looking to get over the social anxiety for life.

If you are new to hypnotherapy, you want to know what it entails before booking your first visit.

We discuss what you should expect from hypnosis in the segments below.

Before Hypnotherapy

Before you start your hypnotherapy sessions, your doctor should take your medical history data, both physical and mental health. You will then discuss your social anxiety problem and how it affects you, just to be on the same page with the medical professional.

Giving a detailed history of your anxiety disorder, other mental disorders, and even physical health can help your therapist create the most suitable and personalized sessions for you.

Next, your doctor will explain what hypnotherapy is and how it works in detail. You sure want to know how a treatment works before getting it.

Before beginning hypnotherapy, your therapist should:

–          Review your medical history

–          discuss the intensity of your present problem

–          provide a brief explanation of what to expect

 During Hypnotherapy

Important to note: hypnotherapy aims to help you get into an altered state of consciousness. This altered state is called a trance or a hypnotic state.

This way, your hypnosis therapist can help alter your brain and cognitive functions to manage anxiety disorders well.

During a trance, you experience

·    Body relaxation

·    Reduced blood pressure

·    Reduced blood pressure

·    Changes in the brain waves

When in the trance state, you will be open to taking suggestions made by your hypnotherapist. Think of hypnotic manipulation as a clinical hack of renewing the settings and feelings that cause social anxiety disorder.

Each hypnotherapy session will last for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

At the end of each session, your hypnotherapist will help you regain your alertness. After, they will help you reflect on the session.

Most of the time, your hypnotherapist will help you learn the art. This may help you practice self-hypnosis for anxiety when out of sessions.

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How Does Hypnosis Treating Social Anxiety Disorders

The exact impact and performance of hypnotherapy in the treatment of social anxiety are not clear. The results need more study to show how exactly hypnosis works for social anxiety.

However, random control experiments performed in people with different social anxiety disorders have shown that hypnosis is highly effective.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help enhance the impacts of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety treatment from the control experiments.

How Effective is Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Before you got here, you had probably received a lot of recommendations on how to treat social anxiety.

By getting into hypnosis, social anxiety sufferers gradually learn how to be around people. You will learn the art of being more relaxed. In the long run, you will be in control of your anxiety.

How is it so? Hypnotherapy sessions will fuel you with lots of self-confidence and self-worth that will help you:

·    Build work relationships

·    Improve your romantic relationships

·    Manage public speaking

·    Quit the desire to make things unrealistically perfect

Secondly, it’s really brilliant how hypnotherapy helps deal with the issue from the root. Many other treatments of social anxiety treat the symptoms of anxiety and not the anxiety itself. If you treat a symptom and not the problem, be assured that you would be dealing with another sign or symptom right after.

Hypnotherapy digs to the bottom of the problem. It establishes whether there is a hidden problem or not. Sometimes social anxiety arises from traumatic experiences in early childhood, such as bullying, family issues and sexual abuse. Such experiences develop into feelings of anxiousness, insecurity, and fear. Hypnotherapy helps address these issues before helping you to get back on track.

Things to Consider Before Entering Hypnotherapy

Usually, when hypnotherapy is administered, people feel relaxed. However, that is not usually the case. On rare occasions, hypnotherapy can worsen the cognitive problem at hand. If there is a history of psychotic illness or early trauma, you may want to reconsider your use of hypnotherapy. If you proceed with it, be careful. Consult widely before proceeding.

 Secondly, it is crucial to receive a diagnosis from a mental health professional. Talk to a professional about every other sign that you have before participating in hypnotherapy. This is the only way to be sure that you are getting treatment for the right emotional disorder.

The good thing is many hypnotherapists couple as licensed registered nurses, social workers, psychologists, professionals in the medical field. They are governed by the regulations of their professions. It is best to ensure that the hypnotherapist you deal with is licensed. This is just to ensure that you are in safe hands.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Help with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety may start manifesting itself into more severe symptoms such as:

·    nausea and vomiting

·    anxiety attacks

·    chest pains

·    severe headaches

Get the proper diagnosis today, and seek hypnotherapy sessions before the situation gets out of control.

Final Thoughts

Social anxiety can be torturous, especially if it’s left to advance without seeking help. Quite unfortunately, most people don’t seek help at all and prefer to stay in their shells. Keeping to yourself is not the way out. Finding help (read hypnotherapy) may help you get out of the situation for life.

It’s a step-by-step process, and you will soon notice a gradual improvement. Yes, you read that right; it will not work overnight, but with no time, your body and mind will feel more relaxed in a social gathering or any forms of interactions and confrontations.