Hypnosis for Memory Recovery | Can It Be the Key To Recall?

a girl trying to remember things

In psychology, the use of hypnosis for memory recovery has been (and still is) a hotly debated and comprehensively researched topic. Whether you’re trying to look for money you’ve once hidden but have totally forgotten, or trying to recover memories you feel had been repressed due to trauma, using hypnosis can be the key to … Read more

Hypnosis for Stress | Personalized and Effective Treatment Option

A stressed man holding his head at the work place

Hypnosis – both the self-administered variety and professional hypnotherapy – has been used for stress management and as anxiety treatment for generations. But to what extent (if any) is there medical evidence to suggest hypnotherapy is genuinely helping people deal with stress? Can hypnosis offer personalized and effective relief from everyday stress and anxiety, or … Read more

Hypnosis Techniques | Proven Ways to Induce a Hypnotic State

a young man lying down during the hypnosis session

Hypnosis, often known as hypnotherapy, is a technique for achieving a heightened state of awareness known as trance. It involves guided relaxation, intensive concentration (see also ‘Hypnosis for Concentration‘), and focused attention. It usually starts with a hypnotic induction, which involves a series of instructions and hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis can also be used to help … Read more

Hypnosis for Health | Discover the Benefits for Your Physical and Mental Well-Being

a young woman in the sun surrounded by nature

How effective is hypnosis for health? Is there any science behind hypnosis? For over 100 years, psychologists and psychotherapists have used hypnosis as part of a bigger treatment plan alongside cognitive behavioral therapy. According to those who practice it, hypnosis can get below the conscious mind into the subconscious (the part where decisions are made). … Read more

Hypnosis for Drug Addiction | Can It Help Stop Substance Abuse?

Addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

Substance abuse is one of the hardest things to stop, so it is understandable if you’re now looking at hypnosis for drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction is a chronic condition, which means it simply cannot be cured overnight. Aside from flushing out bad drugs physically (lasting a few weeks to around 3 months), the addictive … Read more

Hypnosis for Headache | Proven & Impressive Effectiveness Over the Years

a woman with headache

There are two schools of thought when it comes to hypnosis for migraines and headaches.  On one hand, you have those who believe migraine treatment is only possible with conventional pain meds, arranged via conventional medical services and clinical consultations. On the other, many firmly believe that the key to the successful treatment of headaches … Read more